Blue Line Metro station in Montreal to close for 7 months

Nov 23 2021, 3:14 pm

STM riders in Outremont will have to alter their commutes as of January 2022. That’s when the Outremont metro station will begin seven months of renovations.

Significant repairs and an accessibility project are coming to the blue line station, which opened in 1988. The STM will close the station from January 10 to August 19. According to the STM’s website, repairs and changes to the area will include:

  • The addition of 3 elevators in the station;
  • Repair of the structural slab;
  • Replacement of the waterproofing membrane that covers the underground roof of the station;
  • Complete replacement of exterior cladding, windows and floor finishes;
  • Improvement of lighting;
  • The implementation of new signage;
  • The addition of motorized butterfly doors;
  • Replacement of the roof of the entrance building;
  • The addition of a natural ventilation shaft on the roof of the entrance building.

While stations in the past have remained open during refurbishment, the Outremont station only has one entrance making it impossible to destroy and reconstruct the entry lobby section while ensuring rider safety. Temporarily shutting down the station allows work to be completed more efficiently.

In order to accommodate riders, the STM has launched a shuttle bus service – line 805 – to Acadie station. The bus will start a new route every six minutes during the week and every seven to 10 minutes during the weekend.

According to the STM, “Outremont is the ninth station to have to close for major work after CĂ´te-Vertu (2021), Beaudry (2018), Beaubien (2015), Jolicoeur (2013), Villa-Maria (2011), CĂ´te-Sainte- Catherine (2010), Charlevoix (2009) and Georges-Vanier (2008).”

At a total cost of $53 million, the Outremont station repair and accessibility project will be ongoing until December 2023.

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