The best ice cream shops in Montreal

Jul 5 2016, 2:55 am

With the blazing summer upon us, ice cream is quickly becoming a necessity in every Montrealer’s daily life. Sure water will keep us hydrated, but ice cream is there to both refresh and fill us up with delicious creamy goodness.

If you’re unsure where to get your next ice cream fix, check out the list below of the 7 best ice cream shops in Montreal:


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In the past 30 years, Bilboquet has grown from being a little ice cream shop on the streets of Outremont to one of Montreal’s most beloved ice cream brands. Serving up homemade ice cream and ridiculously refreshing sorbet every day of the week, Bilboquet has seven locations in Montreal. However, if you don’t feel like trekking it all the way to one of their locations, you can also find Bilboquet ice cream in some grocery stores around the city.

Where: Various locations

Kem CoBa

Kem CoBa is the go-to ice cream joint for all those living in the Mile End. With unique flavours like caramel bear, orange coconut, and dark chocolate raspberry you’re always in for a treat.

Where: 60 Avenue Fairmount Ouest


Conveniently located on Saint Laurent, Ripples is a great place to stop in if you’re looking for some homemade ice cream. Ripples has been open for over 17 years and since then has become one of Montreal’s most popular ice cream joints. With ice cream flavours like cappuccino, blackberry chocolate chunk cheesecake, and guava-grapefruit sorbet on the menu, whatever you do, do not opt for vanilla this time around.

Where: 3880 Bouelvard Saint Laurent

Les Givres

Les Givres is Montreal’s very own artisanal ice cream shop. Offering everything from soft serve to sorbet to ice cream sandwiches, Les Givres does not use any additional flavouring or colouring in their ice cream, and gets all of their fruity flavours from locally grown Quebec fruit. In fact, their soft serve flavours change based on which fruits are in season in Quebec, so you can expect anything from blackcurrant to apple when you visit next.

Where: 334 De Castlenau Est

La Diperie

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Bursting onto the scene in 2014, La Diperie has come to rival Ripples as the premiere ice cream spot in the Plateau. Keeping things simple, La Diperie specializes in plain soft serve ice cream allowing the toppings to be the star of the show. Once your cone has been piled high with creamy soft serve, it is then absolutely covered in anything you desire. Toppings include nuts, coconut, melted chocolate, pretzels, and crushed cookies, and the more the better!

Where: 64 Avenue des Pins


Spoum is not your average ice cream joint. Located in the Mile End, Spoum is famous for their ultra thick, mousse like frozen dessert. As if the novelty of this new ice cream invention weren’t enough, the flavours are out of this world. If you’re someone who likes to try bold new creations, then you have to check out Spoum. Notable flavours include raspberry rosemary and banana basil with Sichuan pepper.

Where: 6631 Rue Jeanne-Mance


Pandan is Montreal’s only Southeast Asian ice creamery. Using a technique originating in Malaysia and Thailand of rolling the ice cream, this ice cream joint located in St. Henri is like nothing else. All of the ice cream and toppings are homemade and change regularly so you’re in for a surprise each time you visit. Past flavours have included blueberry basil with lemon shortbread crumble and honey lavender with tapioca bubbles.

Where: 3833 Rue Saint-Jacques

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