7 Montreal bakeries you have to try

Jul 18 2017, 12:39 pm

Luckily for bread and pastry lovers, Montreal is full of great independent bakeries operated by passionate and dedicated master bakers.

So to add to your bakery list, here are 7 spots that make the freshest croissants and loaves in the city!

Les Co’pains d’abord Rachel

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A French baker who’s in love with his croissants operates this neighbourhood bakery. Some croissant connoisseurs say that these are the best in town. This “Co’pains” location is the smallest of the now three addresses in the city. So if you want a friendly neighbourhood pastry shop where everything is home made with lots of love, this is your spot!
Where: 412,Rachel E.
Instagram: @copainsdabordrachel


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Jeffrey Finkelstein is the best-kept secret of some of the top Montreal restaurants. He has been servicing numerous restaurants with amazing bread since 2010. In 2013, he finally decided to open to the public. Now, Hofkelsten is a hot spot for weekend brunches, coffee breaks, and take out croissants, breads, and other delicacies.
Where: 4524 Saint-Laurent
Instagram: @hofkelsten

Fous Desserts

This bakery located across Parc Laurier in Le Plateau is owned and operated by a French artisan who also founded La Fête du Croissant. There you’ll find fine chocolates, great coffee, cakes, and desserts in addition to home made croissants made in the purest of French tradition.
Where:  809, Laurier Est.
Instagram: @lafeteducroissant

Patrice Patissier

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Celebrity pastry chef Patrice Demers opened his own first pastry shop with his wife, sommelier Marie-Josée Beaudoin in 2014. In addition to amazing desserts and pastries, Patrice Patissier offers wine tasting and baking workshops in a dedicated room in the back of the boutique. You can also enjoy a savoury lunch menu from Wednesday to Friday and a brunch menu on weekends.
Where: 2360 Notre-Dame W.
Instagram: @patrice_demers

Patisserie Rhubarbe

Due to its popularity, this very cute pastry shop operated by Stephanie Labelle recently moved in a wider location on Laurier Street. They specialize in amazing cakes and desserts, macaroons and tarts, but what’s fun is that you can also enjoy an “afternoon tea” menu from Friday to Sunday.
Where: 479 Laurier E.
Instagram: @rhubarbe_mtl

Libertine Bakehouse

Libertine is above all a pastry shop although they do have a small savoury menu to accompany the several desserts. Nick Kemball, who used to work with Patrice Demers, created the concept. The ‘boho’ ambiance of this pastry shop fuses perfectly with the desserts that literally look like they were pulled from Pinterest.
Where: 806 Atwater
Instagram: @libertinebakehouse

Bar à Beurre

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We just love the name of this small bakery located in Old Montreal. There, butter is king, as you’ll find totally decadent cookies, cakes, cupcakes, macaroons, and whatever else you are dreaming of. Their specialities are what they call “the butterballs”, a fusion between a donut and a macaroon.
Where: 50 Notre Dame E.
Instagram: @barabeurre

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