Smooth Sailing: The Yacht Week is the adventure of a lifetime (PHOTOS)

Jan 22 2019, 3:59 am

This just in: you don’t need to be Leo DiCaprio to live your best yacht life.

That’s right, us ‘regular’ people can do it too!

If this just opened up a whole new world of possibilities for you, The Yacht Week is calling your name.

This floating festival consists of a daily congregation of luxury, yet relatively affordable, yachts sailing around different islands in regions such as Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, and the Caribbean. They join up with other yachts filled with like-minded party people all with the same goal in mind: to have an epic time.

yacht week

Group of yachts on Yacht Week. (Vacation Couple)

Expect insane theme parties full of glitter and bumpin’ beats, lifelong friendships from across the globe, and spectacular scenery that will have your Insta followers bitter with envy. (It’s okay, they’ll just have to join in on the next one.)

We recently partnered with Kristin and Shadi, also known as Vacation Couple (or @vacationcouple on Insta) to send them on the adventure of a lifetime with The Yacht Week around the British Virgin Islands.

Here are their highlights and tips written by Kristin so that you, too, can live your best yacht life. (#yachtlife. Now that is hashtag goals).

The ultimate guide to The Yacht Week in the BVI

This party-fuelled sailing brigade has you island hopping like the rich and famous, all while creating new friendships with fellow travellers along the way. Contrary to belief, you don’t need any sailing experience to enjoy this incredible yachting adventure through the British Virgin Islands. Just gather your crew, book your boat, and start planning your beach-inspired outfits and pool floats for the week. Things are about to get wild.

yacht week

Yacht Week sunset. (Vacation Couple)

We experienced The Yacht Week as a couple, but there are no prerequisites for this party. You can be single, a couple, or leave bae at home for a week of new friendships and adventures. Whatever your relationships may be at the beginning, you’ll be lifelong besties with the entire crew by the end of this epic week. To make things even easier, Yacht Week has a required gender ratio to ensure a balanced party atmosphere.

With an actual look-book of outfits to rock on select party nights, you’ll need to prepare for this adventure in more ways than one.

Find your crew

yacht week

Drone view of Yacht Week. (Vacation Couple)

If you don’t already have six to 12 people in mind to sail with, you can use the crew finder or Facebook group to your advantage. Meet people from around the world, fill up your yacht, and keep the party going!

We’d also suggest hiring a hostess to take care of all the shopping and cooking for you. Ours made delicious Insta-worthy meals that always left us wanting more. Because who wants to cook and clean-up for themselves on vacation?

Party lifestyle

yacht week

Yacht Week by night. (Vacation Couple)

Fall asleep floating just off of one island, wake up sailing to the next. Living on a yacht is a lifestyle that’s easy to get used to. This floating glamping adventure allows you to soak up some rays as you sail.

Settle into your routine of day parties on secluded cays and classic hot spots along the Virgin Island archipelago. On the BVI tour, you’ll hit up all the main islands and sail from Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Anegada, to Jost Van Dyke and back with your new crew.

Each night you will let loose to wild DJ’ed parties on moonlit beaches with people from all around the world. From Sweden to Scotland, the United States to Australia, we met some seasoned Yacht Weekers and some newbies just like us.


yacht week

Panorama of Yacht Week, BVI. (Vacation Couple)

In addition to your new party lifestyle, you’ll also take part in some island-friendly activities. Think jet skiing on the royal blue sea, snorkelling shipwrecks, and frolicking in iconic baths like Beyoncé. The itinerary is ever-evolving and, upon request, I was able to indulge in the views from Jost Van Dyke with a morning hike.

A healthy party attitude is your key to success here as you join in on The Yacht Week’s festive party team of Jingo. This sparkly way of life includes glitter, henna, yoga, and next-level good feels from their resident happiness guru or “glitter extraordinaire,” Emily.

What to bring

yacht week

Sailing at sunset on Yacht Week. (Vacation Couple)

To start, this voyage is carry-on only. Bring a soft duffle bag to pack in so you can fold it up and store it after you unpack. A universal charging unit or car adapter will give you that sweet electric juice that you’ll need to charge up and share all your epic shots on social.

And last but not least, the outfits. On top of your modern chic vacay wardrobe, you’ll need to plan ahead for the grand finale of Yacht Week, Regatta Day. Find your group’s unique style and show it off as you sail-off for the grand prize of party perks… and bragging rights!

Go now

yacht week

Drone view of BVI on Yacht Week. (Vacation Couple)

If you’re looking an out-of-the-box adventure that includes an Insta-worthy week of shenanigans in paradise, Yacht Week is for you. It’ll expose you to the beauty of the British Virgin Islands, sea-bound glamping, and endless international possibilities.

The only thought we were left with was, “Will it be Montenegro, Greece, or Croatia next?”

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