International arrivals to Vienna Airport can now pay for a coronavirus test

May 7 2020, 8:27 pm

Vienna airport is providing international travellers with the option of undergoing COVID-19 testing as of May 4, as a means of avoiding having to quarantine for 14-days upon arrival to Austria.

The tests are conducted by a company called Confidence DNA Analysen GmbH.

At this moment, due to governmental policies, those arriving in Austria must either present a medical certificate that confirms that they have tested negative for coronavirus or be subject to quarantine for 14-days.

Those who are unable to produce a medical certificate now have the option of being tested at the airport. “If the test findings are negative, the passenger does not have to stay in self-quarantine for 14 days after arriving in Austria,” the Vienna International Airport explains on its website. “In this way, quarantine periods which have already been commenced can also be prematurely terminated.”

As well, travellers departing from the airport can present the medical certificate from the coronavirus test as proof that the results were negative.

However, the tests are not free. Since it is a private service, travellers must pay €190 (CAD $288). Additionally, they must arrange an appointment for the coronavirus test ahead of time by contacting Confidence DNA Analysen GmbH directly, either by phone or email.

The testing itself is quick and straightforward and involves taking a swab of the individual’s throat, or nose and travellers can receive their results within three hours. At which point, they can either receive their results in person or have them sent to them.

“It is absolutely necessary to make an appointment in advance in order to avoid close contact with other customers when undergoing a COVID-19 test,” the airport explains.

If the results do come back as positive, the individual is contacted promptly by phone. As well, Confidence DNA Analysen GmbH must share the information with public authorities to adhere to pre-existing regulations.

The tests are only administered to those who do not display coronavirus-related symptoms such as a fever of a cough and those who have not come in contact with a person who may potentially be infected.

Travellers who are already presenting symptoms or know that they have had contact with an individual that is potentially infected are advised to stay home and contact proper health authorities.

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