Used car dealership in Japan receives Michelin recognition for its ramen

Dec 4 2018, 9:43 pm

Sometimes when you go above and beyond in customer service, you can be rewarded in ways that you wouldn’t expect.

And sometimes that reward comes in the form of a Michelin recognition.

That was the case for Katsumi Yoshida, a proprietor of a used car dealership in Japan, anyway.

Yoshida founded the dealership Hot Air in Tottori in 2002, and began serving ramen as a nice offering on the side about ten years later, converting a meeting room into a dining space. Apparently, he knew what he was doing, as word of the delicious dishes eventually spread all the way to a Michelin official, who paid a visit to Hot Air and ended up including the ramen in the Michelin Guide Kyoto Osaka + Tottori 2019. Hot Air was recognized as “Bib Gourmand,” a distinction that “recognizes restaurants offering quality food at a maximum of 5,000 JPY” ($58 CAD).

A bowl of ramen at Hot Air goes for about 800 JPY, or about $9 CAD. Located just outside of Hamamurasakyu Park, this spot is definitely worthy of a visit during your next trip Torrori.

But here’s the most endearing part: The used car dealership is reminiscent of the Michelin Guide’s roots, as it was originally started over 100 years ago by a French tire company. Because who doesn’t love a good full-circle story?!

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