Solo, with friends, or in a tour group - here’s how to find which travel style is best for you

Jul 20 2018, 6:03 pm

Planning a trip, and debating between flyin’ solo, travelling with friends, or joining a tour group? We’re weighing out each option so you can find which travel type best suits your personal style.

Solo Travel

Solo travel

Solo female traveller. (Shutterstock)

Solo trips are for the outgoing traveller who feels comfortable and confident speaking to strangers, making friends, and spending that quality “me-time,” but it’s also for the person who is looking to push their limits and get out of their comfort zone. If you’re feeling up for an adventure or challenge in your life, consider going on a solo trip – we promise, you will surprise yourself.

Here are some reasons why.

Self-satisfying selfishness

You get to do WHATEVER. YOU. WANT. Eat where you want. Stay where you want. Exhausted and feeling like a chill night? Not feeling a city and want to move onto the next? Or LOVING a city and want to extend your stay? You make the call. No one is holding you back.

A whole new you

Solo travel really is empowering. You truly will get to know yourself, and feel a sense of pride for braving that sketchy bus ride, dodging that scam, or making new friends at the hostel. It may seem intimidating, but finding situations where you have to be strong because no one else will, will make you a true badass globetrotter.

Sometimes forced friendships are the best friendships

You will find that, because there are no other options of people to hang out with BESIDES strangers, you will actually likely make more friends than if you are travelling with people you already know. Venturing out solo means that people are more likely to approach you, and will likely make some great friendships that you wouldn’t have if you were stuck in your friend bubble.

Travelling with Friends

Travel with friends

Friends travelling. (Shutterstock)

If you’re a people person who loves being around others all the time, travelling with one or more friends may be the best option for you. It’s always fun to share and re-live memories with your pals following your trip. If you’re sociable and crave company, grab some friends and hit the road.

Here are some of the perks of travelling with your pals.

Lonely no mo’

Of course, solo travel can get lonely sometimes. You may be uncomfortable sitting in a restaurant eating by yourself. Sometimes putting yourself out there to chat with people in your hostel or at a bar can be exhausting. Travelling with friends means you always have a default wingman/woman at your side.

Cost splitting

In most cases, travelling with others can be a money saver. Taxi or Uber costs are split between multiple people instead of just yourself. Sometimes you will find yourself having to book a hotel instead of a hostel bed, and it’s nice to share that queen or even king bed with a friend. Even some tours – boat cruises, overnight excursions, etc. – give discount prices to larger parties.

Collaboration is key

Overwhelmed by the idea of planning or booking a trip all by yourself? Or just can’t be bothered? Travelling with a friend allows you to share the responsibilities, and bounce ideas around until you can collectively decide on the best option.

Tour Group Travel

Tour group

Tour group. (Shutterstock)

Whether you’re joining a tour group by yourself or along with a friend or two, travelling this way definitely has its perks. Dare we say, this is for the lazy traveller? The first-time traveller? The go-with-the-flow traveller? Whatever way you swing it, tour groups have a lot of perks that will remove the hassle from your trip.

Here are the best things about travelling in a tour group.

No need for research

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or lost (literally or figuratively) by the idea of travelling in a brand new place, having a tour guide will be your saving grace. They will tell you the must-sees and must-dos in each city, give you a history lesson, and steer you clear of the sketchy areas. Their itineraries might a tad touristy, but you can rest easy knowing you’re hitting all the main hotspots.

Budget management

While tour groups typically end up being a more expensive way to travel due to tour guide expenses, there is something to be said for budget management. You pay a lump sum up front and despite variable personal expenses along the way, you have a better general idea of how much you are going to spend on your trip as a whole. If you’re someone who might accidentally book a five-star hotel and a first-class plane ticket and running out of money, going with a tour group is highly recommended.

Customization options

A common argument against travelling in a tour group is that the itineraries are too regimented and you won’t be able to do your own thing. To that we say, YOU MUST HAVE NEVER BEEN ON A TOUR! Of course, the format varies based on the tour company, but you will almost always have free time in each of your destinations, and many companies have various options of excursions or activities for you to choose from. Plus, each trip is what YOU make of it anyway, so the customization options are endless!

passport map

Passport and map. (Shutterstock)

So there’s our breakdown of whether to travel solo, with friends, or in a tour group, but you wanna know a secret? Travelling is something you will never regret, and no matter who you’re with. You’re going to make memories to last a lifetime, so don’t worry about your crew (or lack thereof) and just book that ticket!