22 travel destinations where you can smoke weed around the world

Oct 16 2018, 10:19 am

Happy 420, everyone!

Now that cannabis is legalized in Canada, enthusiasts don’t have to travel across borders to partake in their favourite activity. But because travelling is life, sometimes it is nice to visit other destinations to take a toke.

Starting in Amsterdam and taking you around the world, here are 22 places where you can you can enjoy a puff or two without punishment.

Indulge in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam. (Shutterstock)

For decades, The Netherlands have been seen as a haven to smoke weed in coffee shops. Tourist flock to the capital city, Amsterdam, to understand a Van Gogh painting better after eating a marijuana-infused brownie. In 2017, the cultivation of marijuana was partially legalized, which could lead to a shift from the coffee shop culture of the past. 

Ah yes, Argentina

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La Boca in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Shutterstock)

Did you know that Argentina is so woke that in March 2017 they passed a law that qualifying patients can receive medical marijuana for free? The cultivation, sale, and possession of cannabis for recreational purposes remains illegal in Argentina so it’s probably better to get a prescription first.

Lighting up in the arvo in Australia

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Gold Coast, Australia. (Shutterstock)

While medical marijuana is legalized, personal consumption of recreational pot is not but there are whispers of that changing in the future. Just double check the rules in the area of Australia you are visiting before you go so you don’t find yourself saying “Crikey!” to a tricky situation.

Blunts in Belgium

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The ultimate munchie in Belgium. (Shutterstock)

While it may be more popular to flock to their neighbour to the north for your weed fix, Belgium has decriminalized marijuana for those who are 18 or older at no more than 3 grams. Just keep it on the down low (especially if you’ve been caught with prior possession), and try not to puff in public.

Pro tip: You def need to order a Belgian waffle when you have the munchies to get the full tourist experience.

Bong hits in Belize

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Caye Caulker island, Belize. (Shutterstock)

Belize it or not, this country decriminalized cannabis in amounts up to 10 grams in late 2017. But take it indoors as the rules still stand that you can only smoke it in your own home or in someone else’s with permission. 

Cooking with cannabis in Cambodia and Laos

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Pub Street in Siem Reap Cambodia. (Shutterstock)

In Cambodia and Laos, you’ll often see items on the menu named “happy” because it is infused with different cannabinoid oils for flavours… and a pinch of fun. While it is still illegal here, many places still offer it on the low, and for cheap prices at that.

Cultivating in Colombia

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Cartagena, Colombia. (Shutterstock)

While it remains illegal to grow cannabis in large quantities that you plan to sell, in Colombia, you can possess up to 20 grams and grow 20 plants for personal use and consumption. Not a bad place to be for someone with a green thumb.

Cush in Croatia

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Split waterfront in Croatia. (Shutterstock)

While we’d stray away from selling, personal use is no longer a criminal offence but now classed as a misdemeanour in Croatia. So relax by the water and enjoy a spliff in Split.

Chronic in the Czech Republic

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Charles Bridge in Prague. (Shutterstock)

Possession in the Czech Republic has been decriminalized but may be punishable by fine for more than what they qualify as a “normal dose”, which is more than enough to get you by on your next trip to Prague.

However, most of the weed you’ll find on the street was imported, making Prague a bit pricey to smoke up.

Going green in Ecuador

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Swing at the End of the World, Ecuador. (Shutterstock)

If you haven’t gotten the memo yet, South and Central America have become more relaxed in their cannabis legislation than other countries. As long as you don’t exceed 10 grams, grow or sell, you’re a-okay in Ecuador.

Taking a toke in Estonia


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While you may not have heard of this tiny country, if you’re a cannabis enthusiast you’ll want to go to Kanepi where this little town has a marijuana leaf on its flag.

We’d still stray away from selling or growing, but personal use is only a misdemeanour in Estonia.

Illegal-ish in India


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While weed still remains illegal in India, there are some places where it is accepted because of its close association with Hindu spirituality and traditional medicine. This means you can purchase a cannabis-infused beverage and other marijuana edibles from government-authorized stores (Bhang Shops serve a Bhang lassi…).

Weed is also a native plant to India and still grows wild in some remote forests, but we would not recommend going on a trek to find it.

Ganja in Jamaica

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Jamaica. (Shutterstock)

Sine 2016, Jamaica has decriminalized marijuana, making it easier than ever to pick up a joint and feel irie. While it’s common for strangers to sell to you on the beach or at festivals, it’s still worth exercising caution about where you purchase your weed just to be safe.

Also, if you happen to be a Rastafarian you can now have unlimited quantities with no repercussions.

Private consumption in Costa Rica and Peru

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Tropical jungle in Costa Rica. (Shutterstock)

Costa Rica and Peru are both under the don’t ask, don’t tell model. So as long as you’re discrete, and are chill about how it’s grown and sold, you can get by. Also, Costa Rica recently authorized people to grow it in their homes, so long as they don’t sell or distribute it. Pura vida! 

Party time in Portugal

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Porto, Portugal. (Shutterstock)

While Portugal has become quite a popular spot for travel for many other reasons, it is also known for becoming the first country in the world to decriminalize the use of all drugs as a way to reduce overdoses.

A reefer in Russia

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Moscow, Russia. (Shutterstock)

Probably one of the more shocking places on this list, Russia has decriminalized grass. While you may find yourself in trouble for a number of other things in Russia, weed won’t be one of them.

A spliff in Spain

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Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain. (Shutterstock)

After you vamos a la playa, spend your evening in Spain at a private members’ cannabis club where you can consume a certain amount of weed inside the premise. It’s a tricky setup as members technically pay to own a part of the club, but not to buy marijuana, but this allows them to avoid punishment since the sale is still illegal there. 

Smoking up in Switzerland

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Valais region in Switzerland. (Shutterstock)

A green little birdy once told me that there is a push to get cannabis clubs going in Switzerland as well, but that’s still not confirmed.

The possession of small amounts of a unique strain of cannabis that contains less than one percent THC has been decriminalized.

Yas way, Uraguay

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Maldonado, Uruguay. (Shutterstock)

Did you know that Uruguay was the first country to legalize weed for ages 18+? Just make sure you register with the government before buying commercial weed at a pharmacy.

Under the influence in the USA

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San Diego, California. (Shutterstock)

While bringing your own cannabis across the border is not only illegal but can put a stamp on your permanent record, states like Alaska, California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Vermont, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts and The District of Columbia have legalized recreational pot in the USA.

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