Cue Grey’s Anatomy opening credits. Next, take a sip from your grande iced latte with six pumps of sugar-free vanilla, add coconut milk, and extra ice from the first Starbucks ever. Then, turn on some Macklemore and head to the thrift shop.

Now that we’ve exhausted all our favourite Seattle stereotypes, it’s time to branch out and get to know this city of contrasts for all it’s worth.

Seattle is the perfect concoction: It’s an innovative, tech-forward city that grew some of the biggest businesses that shape our lives today (think Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing). Yet, it’s also a place where these tech giants coexist beautifully with the city’s beloved independents, whether they be vintage boutiques, record stores, microbreweries, delicious restos or indie bookshops.

From its dense corporate centre, to its many stunning neighbourhoods (and all the grunge in between), let us take you past the typical and towards the epic. Bookmark this page and stay tuned for everything you need to know about Seattle.


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