Melbourne isn’t consistently ranked the most liveable city in the world for nothing.

This architecturally impressive, modern, artsy, and friendly city is known to attract tourists and expats alike and you can’t help but feel the work-hard, play-hard vibes when you arrive.

Melbourne is all about sports, food, and drinks - specifically espresso martinis and chicken parma.

The cafe culture is evident city-wide, with tons of trendy coffee shops interspersed between graffiti-clad alleyways. These artistic expressions give Melbourne a warm sense of character that is sometimes missed by other modern cities.

Whether it’s hosting the Australian Open or attracting masses of screaming costumed fans for an Aussie Rules or cricket match, the streets will be buzzing with people living life to the fullest. You’ll be taking back a pint with your new mates in no time.

So throw a shrimp on the barbie, and stay tuned to this page as we share with you all the best places to eat and drink, things to do, neighbourhood guide, and all the Instagram inspiration in Melbourne, Australia. G'day, mates!


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A local's guide to the neighbourhoods of Melbourne

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22 awesome places to eat in Melbourne

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Best places to get your drink on in Melbourne

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Here are the top things to do on your trip to Melbourne, Australia

Just have a g'day, mate! 🤗
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