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If you’re after a relaxing vacay, stop right here. Yes, Cusco has plenty of rejuvenating activities (shout out to the Inca massage), but this page is not for vacationers - it’s for adventurers.

Located at 3,399 metres above sea level in south-central Peru, the capital of the Incan Empire is increasingly drawing globetrotters due to its incredible vast landscapes that range from lush, hilly jungles to barren snow-capped mountains. As you journey through the varying areas of Cusco you will feel like you’re crossing different countries or even planets.

Cusco is best known for being the launchpad to Machu Picchu. But if that majestic Wonder of the World isn’t enough to satisfy your bucket list, there’s also Rainbow Mountain, the Maras salt flats, ziplining, river rafting, and so much more. You’ll scale mountain summits, traverse jungles, and conquer your comfort zone all in one trip.

In Cusco, you’ll get a taste for authentic latin American culture as you sip pisco sours and dance salsa till dawn. You’ll get that llama selfie for the ‘gram and come home with more alpaca sweaters than you ever knew you needed.

Cusco is a region that will truly take your breath away, and not just because of the altitude (although we’ll help you tackle that too). Here is our travel guide to Cusco, Peru.


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Travel Guides

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