The best places to drink like a local in Cusco

Nov 15 2018, 1:57 am

Pisco sours all around! If you didn’t know Cusco is for the adventurous traveller, now you know – and what’s an adventure without a little pregame?

Cusco is buzzing with Latin American energy, and you will be salsa dancing till dawn. There are plenty of local bars to immerse yourself in the nightlife culture, and you will meet the friendliest locals and fellow travellers to share in your experience and a dance with.

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Not to be a buzzkill, but getting altitude sickness would be an even bigger buzzkill, so do make sure that you are matching your pisco sours with plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Here are some of the best bars to get your drink on in Cusco city.

Salsa till the sun comes up: Mama Africa 


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With a lively local vibe, Mama Africa is also a hotspot for party people who are travelling through Cusco and looking for a taste of the local flavaaa. Located right on the main square Plaza de Armas, Mama Africa is open 7 pm to 5 am every day of the week.

Address: Portal de Panes 109 3th Floor, Portal de Panes 109
Phone: +51-84-246544
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Shots, shots, shots, shot-shots shots: La Chupiteria

Bottom’s up, because La Chupiteria is said to be the highest shots bar in the world! With daily happy hour and excellent, English-speaking staff, this place guarantees a memorable time… assuming you remember the night at all. We don’t judge. La Chupiteria is famous for their pisco sour, so make sure to try it out!

Address: Tecsecocha 418
Phone: +51-84-260271

Eclectic live music: Ukukus


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A cozy yet edgy vibe, with plenty of tables and dance floor room. You’ll get a variety of genres from rock to jazz to, of course, latin. Get your red dresses out, ladies!

Address: Calle, Calle Plateros 316
Phone: +51-84-254911
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Best pisco sours: RepĂșblica Del Pisco


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Do as the locals do! Not only will their drink selection impress you, but there are some tasty eats available as well. This funky little bar will have you dreaming about their sours all night, from passionfruit to mango to the oh-so-classic pisco.

Address:  Calle Plateros 354
Phone: +51-84-24411
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Predrinking lounge: Mushrooms


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This second-floor lounge is the perfect pre-drinking spot before throwing on your dancing shoes and heading upstairs to get your salsa on at Mama Africa.

Address:  Piso 2, Plaza de Armas, Portal de Panes 109, 
Phone: +51-84-225382
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Salsa lessons, anyone?: Inka Team


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Not yet fluent in salsa dancing? Inka Team will have you hammerholding in no time! Step inside for a fun, zero-pressure lesson on latin American movement. We indulged in some salsa lessons on Contiki’s Inca Panorama tour and the entire group had a blast. You even put your new skills to the test when at 11 when it turns into a club. 

Address: Portal de Panes 298
Phone: +51-974-791 282
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Mucho caliente: Mythology


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Mythology is the place the start the night off mucho caliente! Delish drinks, vibing music, fun dancing… what more could you want from this club? Make sure to get in early, ’cause this place can get PACKED. The more the merrier, right?

Address: Portal de Carnes 298, 2nd floor
Phone: +51-84-255770
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Just dance: Chango


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As you can tell, you can dance basically anywhere at Chango. Open till 7 am, it’s known as the best after party in Cusco, so check out any of the other clubs on our list before finishing your night off here!

Address: Tecsecocha 429
Phone: +51-990-523722
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Ye olde pint: Paddy’s Irish Pub


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You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Irish pub, and as the highest one in the world (alledgedly), Paddy’s is a great place to sip on a pint. But pace yourself. Because altitude.

Address: Triunfo 124
Phone: +51-84-247719
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