An adorable tiny house village just opened in the Florida Keys

Feb 11 2020, 2:36 pm

If you are looking for a warm and breezy escape, venture to the Florida Keys to a colourful collection of tiny houses at the Sunshine Key Tiny House Village.

Situated in Ohio Key, the houses are only 30 miles from Key West and just minutes from Bahia Honda State Park.


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According to the website, “each house is full of personality and charm, and makes for the ultimate relaxation destination.”

There are five tiny houses or “petite retreats” that make up the village: Kai (ocean spirit), Lucy (eternal optimist), Isla (thoughtful poet), Pearl (crafty creative), and Hemingway (timeless student).

Each home is fitted with its own name and personality. Ocean blue Kai, for instance, is all about the ocean and water sports.

“Kai spends his waking hours out on the waves and in the sand,” the website describes.


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“Kai’s favourite family memories happen on the beach or in the ocean, and he hopes to create the same love for the outdoors for everyone he meets.”

The tiny house can sleep two to three people with one lofted queen bed and a first-floor sleeper sofa. It comes equipped with a standing shower, AC and heat, and cooking appliances, as well as a TV with basic cable.

Bright and yellow Lucy is described to have a “sunny disposition” and is “cheerful, friendly, and always smiling.”

Lucy sleeps six people with two lofted queen beds and one lofted twin bed. There is also a first-floor sleeper sofa.

For amenities, there is a shower and tub, kitchen appliances, AC and heat, and TV with basic cable.

“Lucy believes there are so many reasons to be happy, especially when you wake up each day with views like these.”


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A wild spirit, seafoam green Isla is “a true nature lover and seafarer” who is “not to be tamed.”

The house sleeps six people, with the same sleeping arrangements as Lucy.

“She does her best thinking while swimming through the ocean’s waves and spending time along the shore,” the website explains.

“Oftentimes, hours will go by while Isla writes poetry at the beach, or takes relaxing swim breaks in the water. She is amazed by the beauty and power of the ocean, as well as those who reside in it.”


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Pretty in pink, Pearl is all about enjoying the little things, like crafting at home.

“She adores her family and instilled her love for crafting in all of them. She tackles each challenge as a project, and is more than happy to lend an ear or offer advice if a situation calls for it.”

Pearl sleeps two to three people and has the same amenities as Kai.

Last but certainly not least, the calming teal Hemingway.


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Hemingway is all about continuously improving himself and was voted “most likely to write the next great American novel in his high school senior superlatives.”

The Hemingway tiny house sleeps four people with a lofted queen bed that can be accessed by a ladder as well as a first-level full bed.

In terms of amenities, Hemingway has a full bathroom with a standing shower, kitchen appliances, and a TV with basic cable.

For more information regarding pricing, availability, and additional details surrounding each tiny home, you can visit the Sunshine Key Tiny House Village website.