Live amongst a pack of lovable llamas at this Texas castle

Feb 10 2020, 12:15 pm

There are only a select few places where asking “Why the long face?” is a question of endearment.

However, at the ShangriLlama in Royse City, Texas, guests are presented with long faces that are anything but sad to see them.


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“Once upon a time, there were six beautiful llamas. They lived on three acres of land in a tiny town known as Parker in the grand state of Texas,” the estate’s website explains.

“These llamas loved people. So their playful owners invited animal lovers to meet the llamas and learn about them. They called these special sessions Llama Llessons. People traveled far and wide for Llama Llessons.”

Eventually, these lessons became so popular that visitors inquired whether they could walk the llamas. Thus, a new attraction, Llama Walks was added.


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The questions kept coming, and soon guests were requesting the llamas make appearances at birthday parties and weddings.

Finally, the demand for the llamas became so high that the estate needed additional land.

“Through happenstance, the merry llama owners discovered and bought a castle—a replica Irish castle!” the site continues.

“There the land included a lovely, private walking trail ideal for Llama Walks. It also offered a spacious castle barn well-suited for Llama Llessons. And the picturesque castle grounds were perfect for photography and celebrations of all kinds.”


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On November 3, 2018, the ShangriLlama castle was unveiled to llama lovers to live out their ultimate llama-loving dreams.

Now, the ShangriLlama provides a multitude of activities for guests, all involving llamas, of course.

Visitors can participate in a one-hour Llama Llesson to learn 150 captivating facts about these wonderful creatures.

They can also take part in a Llama Walk, where they’ll learn about the specific traits of individual llamas before embarking on the journey.


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Visitors are encouraged to “switch llamas along the way until you have walked each member of the llama pack. The Llama King & Queen, together with Lord & Lady Llama, will guide you safely on your journey as they share many llama facts.”

ShangriLlama also invites school groups to come to learn about llamas in the castle’s barn.

Additionally, the idyllic and picturesque location provides a perfect backdrop for special events such as parties and weddings, with the added bonus of fabulous furry friends bringing an essence of playfulness to the processions.


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There are currently seven llamas living on the premises, all with regal designations: King Dalai Llama, Prince Barack O’Llama, Duke Como T. Llama, Viscount Pajama Llama, Earl Bahama Llama, Baron Drama Llama, and last but certainly not least, Sir Lance-O-Llama.

If this sounds like a can’t-miss opportunity, book your visit to the ShangriLlama online.