10 reasons why the Island of Tahiti lives up to its hype

Jan 20 2020, 10:18 pm

Welcome to paradise, you have officially arrived.

The moment you land on the island of Tahiti, you are handed a necklace made from the Tiare Tahiti flower, a welcoming symbol inviting you to explore to your heart’s content in an exciting landscape incomparable to any other place in the world.

With one of the most diverse cultures and ecosystems that could ever exist in a country, here are 10 reasons why the Islands of Tahiti should be at the top of your travel bucket list.

1. It’s romantic AF, and you don’t even need a partner


Mirae Campbell

Whether you’ve decided to embark on this adventure solo, with your partner, or with a gaggle of friends – there’s something in Tahiti to make every single heart sing.

It’s not just typical romance in the form of sitting on a beach with a drink in hand. It’s romance in the sense of having your own private island that’s entirely solar-powered and self-sufficient.

It’s a place where you’re greeted with the most unbelievable spread of local Tahitian cuisine and pearly white sand with turquoise-blue waters the temperature of a warm bath.

And it’s all offered by Terainui Tours.

Does it still not sound romantic enough? That’s cool, take your pick of above-water bungalows, sea creature excursions, or jungle and waterfall tours. Each experience will take your breath away, I promise.

2. It’s quite affordable and painless to get to


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We can thank French airline, appropriately named French Bee, for being the first long-haul flight company to fly directly to Tahiti from San Francisco for as low as $350.

If you’re flying from Vancouver, all you need is a flight from YVR – SFO – PPT, and in the blink of an eye — okay, maybe a couple — you’ll find yourself in paradise.

3. You have 118 islands to choose from


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Don’t feel overwhelmed trying to choose between all of the islands; there’s a nifty online tool to ease your worries. 

Pick Your Paradise helps you narrow down your ideal vacation based on your personal preferences.

You can be as inclusive or exclusive as you want and still tick every single box on your travel agenda. 

4. You can live out your real-life Moana dreams


Mirae Campbell

Did anyone else think that she had the most beautiful life?

Aside from all of your tour guides relating cultural history to Moana, you have to remind yourself that you’re not living in a perfect animated paradise, because that’s how your everyday vacay mode in the Islands of Tahiti feels.

5. Their main export is not your average natural resource


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The Islands of Tahiti are known for their stunning iridescent black pearls that are harvested exclusively from the shallow, warm lagoons inside the reef breaks.

Want to dive deeper? Take a tour of a pearl farm to learn about the sustainability behind the harvesting.

6. The cultural lessons you learn will last long after you’ve returned home


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Did you know that the women wear flowers in their ear — locals will encourage you to do the same upon your arrival — and that a flower worn on the right ear means that you are available, while a flower in the left means you are unavailable?

The men wear grass wraps on their legs with the same corresponding rules as the women’s flowers.

7. One word: FOOD


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A highlight for many vacations is the regional cuisine and how the local eco-culture is displayed onto your plate.

Whether you have an appetite for fruits and vegetables, delectably fresh seafood, or vanilla-infused foods, there is undoubtedly something to make even the pickiest of eater’s mouth water.

8. The islands are leading the charge on eco-tourism


Mirae Campbell

Seeing as the ocean surrounds all 118 islands, it’s safe to say that the inhabitants of each island have a deeply rooted connection to the sea.

A massive upside to their devotion is that most businesses subconsciously integrate sustainability into their practices.

Tours especially, such as those hosted by companies like Captain Tiana, find it essential to educate guests on the impact of human foot traffic in sensitive areas such as lagoons, which are home to many different ocean species. 

9. There’s something for every budget


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Whether you’re in search of a grass-roots experience featuring a combination of local tours, hikes, and vendors, or you want to live at the peak of luxury at a luscious resort like The Brando, the perfect paradise awaits you.

10. Spending time in the ocean revives your sense of purpose


Mirae Campbell

I hope that you have the privilege of enjoying the company of stingrays, Black-Tipped sharks, turtles, and coral reefs that will leave you feeling humbled and thankful for trustworthy companies that allow you to have such experiences safely and ethically.

The ocean has a way of healing and balancing our bodies — we are 60% water, after all.

The whole reason we go on vacation to tropical places in the first place is to rebalance ourselves through the healing, tranquil waters while getting a much-needed dose of vitamin D.

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