Disney Wish: Inside the world's only "Star Wars" bar and lounge on the high seas (PHOTOS)

Jan 13 2023, 9:27 pm

Over the years, one of the most frequent requests from adults — both big kids at heart and parents — who sail with Disney Cruise Line (DCL) is the need for more high-quality experience options catered to adults.

Walt Disney Imagineering checked off that box aggressively on its to-do list for the newest cruise ship, the Disney Wish.

And this experience, found only on the Wish, transports guests to a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

Enter the “Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge.”

Disney’s theme park ride attractions are known for having transitional immersive experiences between the “outside world” and the attraction itself. Essentially, this is everything people see while they are waiting in line.

To get into “Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge,” guests walk through a sliding door with the push of a button and enter a “black box” that acts as the transition from the Disney Wish to a luxury passenger star cruiser inspired by Solo: A Star Wars Story.

“You forget that you’re on a cruise ship when you’re in the Hyperspace Lounge,” said Daniel Gallego, the entertainment manager for DCL, in an interview with Daily Hive.

disney wish star wars hypserspace lounge cruise ship

Exterior sign into the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish. (Gabriel Lam/Daily Hive)

disney wish cruise ship

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish. (Gabriel Lam/Daily Hive)

Inside the showcase bar and lounge space, guests are transported into an upscale and sophisticated setting that is brought to life with show lighting and background music.

The room is jam-packed with props from Coruscant, lava crystals from Mustafar, and even a seven-string hallikset musical instrument from Naboo.

But the real showstopper is just behind the bartender’s space — an expansive “window into outer space” comes alive with a LCD screen that shows passing planets and spacecraft, including the “Razor Crest” from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian and the “Halcyon” from the “Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser” hotel at Walt Disney World Resort.

On occasion, the same starspeeder that takes Disney theme park guests on their Star Tours ride adventure at Disney theme parks makes an appearance on the screen, passing through the lounge’s view of the galaxy.

Pam Rawlins, the executive creative producer for Walt Disney Imagineering, told Daily Hive her team worked with Industrial Light Magic and DCL to create one hour’s worth of original media for this screen.

This attention-grabbing screen even takes guests into hyperspace every seven minutes.

“To say the least, our Walt Disney Imagineering team loves to use those Easter eggs and synergy opportunities whenever we can,” said Rawlins. “It’s a very exciting experience for our Disney guests as well as our Star Wars fans.”

disney wish cruise ship

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish. (Gabriel Lam/Daily Hive)

disney wish cruise ship

Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge on the Disney Wish. (Gabriel Lam/Daily Hive)

As for the liquor selection, the alcohol found at the bar is all custom-made for DCL. In fact, the wines served are exclusively from the vineyards of George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch in California.

“We’ve immersed our guests into the story, every little detail,” she added.

This Star Wars-themed lounge was designed in mind for adults, first and foremost. It is adults-only at night, but families with children can also enjoy this experience during the daytime.

“By bringing the ‘Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge’ to the Disney Wish, I think this is the experience our guests have always wanted,” added Rawlins. “We’ve had kids’ spaces in our Oceaneer Club, but adults are like, ‘What about me?'”

disney wish cruise ship

Disney Wish at Disney’s Castaway Cay. (Gabriel Lam/Daily Hive)

disney wish cruise ship

Grand Hall of the Disney Wish. (Gabriel Lam/Daily Hive)

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