Travellers are planning on taking it slow to enjoy the journey in 2020: report

Dec 16 2019, 6:04 pm

Often when planning trips, travellers anticipate booking their time to the last millisecond to ensure that they don’t experience any major #FOMO and make the most of their holiday.¬†

However, there can be some major downsides that come with planning things down to the very last detail. 


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If anything, you could potentially miss out on some amazing experiences that are serendipitous. 

After all, some of the purest joys experienced while travelling result from the unexpected.

In the new year, greater emphasis will be placed on getting to destinations rather than just upon arrival, and travellers in 2020 are anticipated to indulge in slowing down and enjoying the journey.


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According to research conducted by, 61% of their users are aiming to take longer routes for the sole purpose of enjoying more of the journey, such as admiring the scenery along the way. 

As well, 62% desire to go on a trip where transportation is an integral part of the overall experience with 65% of users saying that they would be interested in embarking on a historical train journey such as the Orient Express or the Flying Scotsman.  

In fact,¬†56%¬†said that they wouldn’t mind spending increased time travelling if they were doing so on a unique mode of transport.¬†


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Additionally, with eco-consciousness becoming an ever-increasing trend in the travel industry — particularly amongst younger people — sustainable travel is also at the forefront of many travellers’ minds.¬†

When asked, 48% of users claimed that they were planning on taking an alternate mode of transportation even though it may take longer to get to their destination in order to reduce their environmental impact. 

The entire appeal of slower travel is to allow yourself to fully absorb your surroundings and experiences and get completely lost in where you are. 


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In the fast-paced, instant gratification-filled world that we live in, we often forget to stop and smell the roses. 

However, taking more time for the journey opens you up to new and unexpected experiences, which are often when some of the best memories are made.

And, when it comes to travel, it’s the memories that mean the most.

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