This is Prince Harry's primary demand when travelling

Jun 7 2019, 2:00 am

We’ve all heard of high profile individuals with high maintenance requests — private jets, personal makeup artists, no brown M&Ms, etc.

So what type of diva-esque demands do the royals have?

It has been revealed that Prince Harry has one major pet peeve when staying in hotels, and if there’s any reason to be a demanding traveller, this is a good one. Harry is asking hotels to do one thing: stop using wasteful plastic products.

Harry’s good friend Nacho Figueras, who has travelled with the prince as members of the same polo club, has shared that the Prince is not shy when it comes to voicing his preferences on plastic.

ā€œ[Prince Harry] was there and we were at the hotel where we spent the night before the game,ā€ Figueras said on an interview with CBS This Morning. ā€œHe talked to a person and said ā€˜this morning I got my coffee and I saw that you have a plastic thing on the coffee. And then I also sent my shirt and I got my shirt in a big plastic bag.’ā€

Figueras revealed that the prince then said to the hotel staffers, ā€œCan we please not use the plastic?ā€

royal baby


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle travel quite often and are even planning on taking their new baby to Africa, where they are involved in a number of philanthropic efforts. They are known to be relatively low maintenance travellers to what one might expect out of royalty, and have even been spotted flying in the back of an economy flight, according to the Telegraph.


Royals, they’re just like us — when it comes to flying economy and wanting to save the world, at least!

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