13 epic party destinations across the world to spend this New Year's Eve

Nov 27 2018, 7:05 pm

Ah, New Year’s Eve. The most overhyped holiday of the year.

But this doesn’t need to be the case! How do you avoid the ol’ annual disappointment?

By travelling somewhere epic, that’s how.

Here are 13 party destinations across the globe that are sure to deliver an absolute blast of a New Year’s Eve.

Cape Town, South Africa

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La Parada Tapas Restaurant & Bar, Cape Town. (@LaParadaBarDeTapas/Facebook)

We have never doubted our dancing skills more than on a night out in Cape Town, and you better believe this city will be getting down this New Year’s Eve. Hit up all the parties on Long Street for the time of your life. Let our travel guide of the best places to drink in Cape Town guide your bar hop.

Hong Kong

New Year’s Eve in Hong Kong. (Shutterstock)

With the most skyscrapers in the world, Hong Kong’s rooftop bar scene is sure to elevate your party this New Year’s Eve (see what we did there?). The streets of Central are packed with party people on a regular Tuesday night, so you can only imagine what the biggest party night of the year will bring.

Melbourne, Australia

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Eau de Ville Melbourne Espresso Martini. (Instagram: @edvmelbourne)

In case you’ve never met an Australian in your life, this bunch knows how to party. The bars (or as they’re known in Australia, ‘hotels’) will be buzzing this New Year’s Eve and it’s not only tolerated, but encouraged to sip espresso martinis until dawn. Here are some of the best bars in Melbourne to help you plan your night.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Rio de Janeiro New Year’s Eve celebrations. (Shutterstock)

There ain’t no party like a Rio party. Second only to Carnival, New Year’s Eve goes off in this sultry city. Everyone dresses up in white and watches the fireworks on the beach, sipping caipirinhas and salsa dancing into the wee hours of 2019. If you haven’t been to Rio yet, one look at our list of the things to do in Rio is sure to change your mind!

New York City, USA

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PHD Rooftop Lounge New York. (@phdrooftopny/Instagram)

New York could never be a disappointment, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. With parties every night of the week, this city will be pulsing with energy at twice its normal pace this holiday season. You can fend off the crowds to get a glimpse of the ball dropping in Times Square, or just let our roundup of the 33 best places to drink in New York guide you through the night.

Paris, France

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Experimental Cocktail Club. (@experimentalcocktailclub/Paris)

Is there anything more romantic than ringing in the new year by listening to some sultry jazz while sipping on a glass of wine and nibbling on some cheese, while your lover whispers sweet nothings into your ear? Or if that fails, just hit up every bar on our list 28 places to drink in Paris. Your New Year’s Eve is made.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

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Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand. (Shutterstock)

Koh Phangan attracts flocks of tourists for its Full Moon parties, which are now supplemented by Half Moon parties, Jungle Parties, etc. Basically any parties on days that end in “day.” So you know that Haad Rin beach in Koh Phangan is guaranteed to bring the heat on New Year’s Eve. Bring on the buckets and neon body paint, are we right or are we right?!

Cusco, Peru

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People out and about in Plaza de Armas, Cusco main square. (Shutterstock)

Is there any better way to ring in 2019 than with a pisco sour in hand? Cusco’s nightlife is buzzing with energy, and you will be salsa dancing with the locals all the way to 2019. Just don’t let the altitude ruin your party plans! Check out our list of the best places to drink in Cusco to set yourself up for success.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Dubai nightlife. (@40kongdubai/Instagram)

Dubai’s nightlife is next level (as the home to the world’s tallest building, it better be!) and the party scene is nothing short of epic on New Year’s Eve. If you’re not convinced yet, here’s our guide of where to drink in Dubai to help you make up your mind.

Bali, Indonesia

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*Sigh* we can’t think of a dreamier place to ring in the new year than the jam-packed, sweaty dance floor of La Favela in Seminyak. But first, make sure to do the YMCA on the tables of Motel Mexicola. And before that, start your drinking during the day at Potato Head beach club. Okay, actually just check out every bar on our list of the best places to drink in Bali, and also please take us with you.

Tokyo, Japan

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New Year’s Eve fireworks in Tokyo. (Shutterstock)

This massive metropolis is jam-packed of people, buildings, sushi, and yes, party places. You may be overwhelmed with the sheer number of options, so here’s a list of where to drink in Tokyo to help narrow it down.

London, England

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Nightlife in Soho, London. (Shutterstock)

These lads (and ladies) are up for a pint any night of the week, and you will find pub-goers spilling out onto the sidewalks all over the city. New Year’s Eve will be absolutely bonkers — here are the best places to drink in London to experience it best. Just make sure you don’t get mugged off while you’re cracking on with your new bird… okay we’ve been watching too much Love Island.

Los Angeles, USA

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EP & LP rooftop in West Hollywood. (@eplosangeles/Instagram)

If you’re looking for a midnight kiss with Kendall Jenner or Michael B. Jordan, LA is the place to be (don’t hold us to that). Rub elbows with the who’s who of Hollywood this New Year’s Eve and check out all the bars in our list of best places to drink in LA or the hottest rooftop bars in West Hollywood.

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