Rio is the flame emoji, in city form. This place is sizzling hot, and we’re not talking about the temperature (although it is pretty warm here). For some reason in Rio we can’t stop samba-ing and we just bought a thong bathing suit and we don’t exactly know what’s gotten into us - but we kinda like it.

Topographically, Rio de Janeiro is absolutely stunning - it is a giant urban jungle, with communities clinging to the sides of the many mountain peaks rising up throughout the city. With the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue overseeing the city in its entirety, the sultry shores of Copacabana and unparalleled sunsets of Ipanema, and the epic nightlife in Lapa and every other district, Rio will capture your heart 12 times out of 10.

A visit to Rio puts life into perspective - it makes us workaholics feel like we’re missing something in our day-to-day lives back home, something essential. In Rio, the locals know how to enjoy life, and it’s impossible not to latch onto their infectious energy.

Just one visit and you’ll find yourself sippin’ a caipirinha and samba-ing your way through the town. Now stay tuned to this page as we share the best spots to eat, drink samba, things to do, neighbourhoods to explore, and all the Insta inspo. Let's get ready to YOLO.


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