This map shows the literal translation of all country names

May 14 2019, 4:41 pm

It’s always a good idea to brush up on your knowledge of your destination before you travel — starting with our Travel Guides, which share where to eat, where to drink, things to do, a neighbourhood guide, and Instagram inspiration for world-class destinations around the globe.

Now that your travel itinerary is all sorted out, let’s back it up and get back to basics. What is the country you are visiting known for — literally?

Australian company Compare Credit Cards has compiled a series of maps that show the literal meaning of all the countries in the world.

From the Land of Many Rabbits (funny, we thought Spain was called the Land of Muchos Sangria) to the In The Navel Of The Moon (no, we will not be making a joke about mooning our friends while skinny-dipping in Mexico), this map may put your favourite destinations in a whole new light.

Check these out before heading off on your next trip, so you know where you are (literally) going! Okay, we promise we’ll stop saying “literally” now.


country names

Africa. (Credit Card Compare)


country names

Asia. (Credit Card Compare)


country names

Europe. (Credit Card Compare)

North America

country names

North America. (Credit Card Compare)

South America

country names

South America. (Credit Card Compare)


country names

Oceania. (Credit Card Compare)

Which of these countries have you visited? Share your favourite destinations with us using #dailyhivemapped.

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