Pack up your trunk and spend the night inside this giant elephant Airbnb

Feb 27 2020, 11:02 pm

When thinking of the majestic elephant, images of the vast savannahs of Africa and jungles of Asia come to mind, not New Jersey.

However, visitors of the Garden State have the unique, albeit limited, opportunity to seize an elephant-sized deal by staying inside one of the Jersey Shore’s most prized attractions.

Lucy, a 138-year-old wooden elephant that lives along the beach in Josephine Harron Park, is a 65-ft-tall architectural novelty that was constructed by James Lafferty in 1881 to promote real estate sales and attract tourists.


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A beloved staple of the community, Lucy was nearly lost after being slated for demolition in 1969, when the land she vacated was sold to developers. Luckily, through the valiant efforts of the Save Lucy Committee, enough funds were generated to move the elephant to a nearby city-owned property.

She currently holds the title of the oldest roadside attraction in America — even older than the Statue of Liberty.

Now, for a limited time, visitors can stay inside Lucy and experience her beauty inside and out.



“I’ve seen a lot in my years watching over the Jersey coastline, and since I never forget (obviously, I’m an elephant), I’ve got plenty of stories to share with curious guests,” the official Airbnb listing explains.

“As you step inside my walls (and up 25 steps), you’ll be transported back in time to the 1800s, where you will feel the Victorian Era come alive.”

The interior of Lucy is astounding. With features such as a grand bed, intricate flower arrangements, and eclectic sculptures, guests will feel as though they are living in the Victorian era.



“I’m all about fun and games – as you’ll see my toenails have a colorful set of polish, my interior has a fun, eclectic Victorian vibe and iconic views to boot!” Lucy explains in her listing.

“However, I am rather historic – and if I do say so myself, important – so please make sure we’re all respectful and on the same page during your stay.”

Lucy comes equipped with standard amenities, including WiFi, TV, heating, and air conditioning.



Guests will also be provided with breakfast.

If you would like to pack up your trunk and bunk with Lucy the elephant, the Airbnb listing goes live on March 5.

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