This might just be the most comfortable long-haul flight in the world

Feb 5 2019, 1:37 am

Now’s the time to fulfill your wanderlust dreams, to take the vacation of a lifetime, and to make memories in each new city you visit. Because why wait?

Asia is calling your name, most particularly, the vibrant island of Taiwan. The birthplace of bubble tea, Taiwan is home to an abundance of game-changing teahouses you’ll want to visit during your trip.

While you’re there, you can do everything from bike around the island in less than two weeks, explore the majestic Taroko National Park, or check out the beautiful port city of Kaohsiung. Of course, your trip wouldn’t be complete without sampling the local Taiwanese cuisine and exploring the Taipei night markets. After all, the Taiwanese often say “have you eaten?” upon greeting each other, so you know the food here is a huge deal.

But if you’re going to make the trip, you should go there in style. When you’re travelling for more than eight hours, you deserve to be comfortable. This includes sitting in a reclining seat, having enough leg room to stretch whenever you need to, and ultimately feeling relaxed when you’re flying at 40,000 ft. And you can get all of this when you fly long-haul with China Airlines.

The in-flight comfort

A350-900/China Airlines

China Airlines flies to 161 destinations in 29 countries, and the airline was named Global Traveler’s Best Airline in North Asia for five consecutive years.

This is because the airline has pulled out all the stops with their next generation fleet of aircraft. The A350 and B777 may look like the next Airbus in terms of exterior design, but the interiors are on a whole other level. And since its launch, the A350 aircraft has enhanced travel on the Taipei to Vancouver route, as well as to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. (Look at those seats!)

A350-900/China Airlines

Intertwining western and eastern cultures, the A350 offers an exceptionally comfortable flight experience that you need to take at least once in your life. This includes a high-ceiling cabin with innovative features that result in an unparalleled journey.

Pro tip: The A350 serves the Vancouver to Taipei route daily, bringing you from YVR to the centre of Asia in less than 24 hours.

Feel better when you land

Relaxing mid-flight/China Airlines

It’s no secret that flying for half a day can make you feel tired, but China Airlines is on a mission to make passengers feel more refreshed when they reach their destination. To do this, the airline has designed its A350 aircraft cabins with natural lighting, and classic-meets-modern finishes.

Business class seating/China Airlines

The A350 is in harmony with nature as it fine-tunes mood lighting to recreate sunrise, sunset, and aurora illuminations. The result? Your mind, body, and soul, will be at ease as you fly with natural lighting. Just imagine enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee and some in-flight delicacies as you feel the soft rays of dawn before you land (hello, bliss).

Additionally, passengers can enjoy comfortable seating with soft linens and smooth leather. Between each seat in every cabin, you’ll find a metallic stitch design of different materials as well as a hidden second layer of royal blue. And if you look closely, small surprises await you, including traces of traditional Chinese song aesthetics in the cabins and the seats!

Amenity extras

Forget to pack your essentials into your hand luggage? Don’t worry — China Airlines has you covered. Earlier this year, the airline announced a collaboration with American outerwear company The North Face, to celebrate its 60th anniversary.

Passengers in Business and Premium Economy classes will receive neat amenity kits by The North Face in waterproof cases. Right now, you can get a red version of the kit, and a black version will be rolling out in June of this year including everything from earplugs, to a dental kit, an eye mask, and a tub of “Water Sleeping Mask” by Korean beauty brand LANEIGE.

Booking with the airline

Choosing China Airlines allows you to travel anywhere in Asia that your heart desires, with great routings to Bangkok, Denpasar, Kuala Lumpur, and Hanoi, among other destinations. You can check out the fares to Asia with China Airlines and current offers from Vancouver (to suit all budgets) here.

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