9 life-changing travel apps you can't afford to ignore

Nov 14 2018, 5:08 am

Travel planning used to be a fairly intensive process. Good thing it’s 2018 and we live on our phones, are we right Millennials?!

Now we have mobile apps to help us painlessly plan almost every aspect of our trips, find the best deals, and save, save, save along the way.

Want to know which travel apps are the must-haves to get you going? Read on for our top five faves.



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This nifty app is a godsend. It sources the cheapest possible price for a flight, and tells you WHEN to buy a ticket to your destination of choice by using push notifications. The company can save you up to 40% by analyzing and tracking billions of flights, and a flight can be booked in 60 seconds or less. It’s one of the fastest growing travel apps on the market. Hop to it here.

XE Currency Convertor


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When you’re hoping from epic place to epic place, you might be thrown off by the different currency in each country. “I’m sorry, HOW MANY BAHT?” Then you realize 500 baht in Thailand is about 20 dollars in Canada, and your blood pressure returns to normal. XE Currency Converter allows you to download each currency and check your foreign exchange rates mid-shop, with no need for WiFi.



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It’s still one of the top-rated travel planning apps. Kayak allows you to search across multiple sites for rental cars, hotels and flights. It has exclusive deals not found elsewhere, and you can use the Price Forecast tool to see if you should buy now or wait. View important details at a glance like your hotel confirmation number or airport gate. Navigate to kayak.com for more info.



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The flexible, easy alternative to renting a car. Available from Toronto to Taiwan, ZipCar gives you affordable rates right through their app. Apply online through the app or website and once you’re approved, you’re ready to roll. Use your membership card for access to thousands of cars across multiple US states as well as in six other countries. From the app, view available ZipCars and reserve anytime. You can even extend your ZipCar reservation from the app, change a reservation or get directions to your ZipCar. Your membership card locks and unlocks the door. Unlock the easy way to get around here.

Google Trips


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The Google Trips planning app gathers all your travel reservations from Gmail and organizes them into individual trips, right down to by-the-day plans. The app can make suggestions based on what’s nearby, and according to your interests or time. Find out savvy tips like the local 911 number, where the coolest nightclub is and if tips are expected. Google’s collective wisdom makes the app practically intuitive. Plus, seeing all your reservations in one place is uber-convenient. Reviews from travellers are invaluable too. Google the Google Trips app here.

Uber / Grab / Lyft


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Ridesharing apps can be a total lifesaver when travelling, especially when taxi charges can be, well, up to the discretion of the driver. It’s usually more affordable, convenient, and leaves a digital trail, which only adds to your safety. You’d be surprised at how much they come in handy, from Ubering for $3 around Rio de Janeiro to sliding past that huge traffic jam on a Grab bike in Bali. Download apps like Uber, Grab, and Lyft to help you get from point A to B in top form.



When travelling with friends, you’re likely to cover a bill here and book an Uber there. It’s a lot easier to take one for the team rather than scrambling to find the exact amount owed by each person, especially when dealing with foreign currencies. With Splitwise, you can plug in the exact amount each person has covered and owes, and the app will divvy it all up so you can settle up at the end of the trip (or whenever works for you). It works for converting different currencies as well! No splitting-the-bill stress here.



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Learning the native language of the country you are visiting can be not only respectful and useful, but also often critical to making the most out of your time there. Duolingo is a great free app that teaches you a new language through verbal, oral, matching, and written skills. Esta muy bien! ¡Buenas noches! (Okay, we’re still in the early levels)



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The goal of this app is simple: It makes travel insurance instantly accessible, easy and affordable. It’s the ONLY mobile app in North America providing travel insurance to Canadians residing in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario (with more provinces to come) in 60 seconds or less. Once signing up, you’ll receive a $10 credit and so will any friends or family you refer. Enable notifications and you’ll be signalled once you near a border. Instant rates help you choose the right coverage before you buy. Plus, chat to an online agent or find a medical clinic close by with one click. Land at Goose Insurance to find out more.

There are other ways to save on extra costs with your travels, like minimizing your items and packing small to avoid baggage fees, booking when fares are at their cheapest and reserving your seat as soon as reservations open, to avoid paying for other seats with a cost. 

Bon voyage and happy app savings!

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