JetBlue uses sounds of the airport in new ASMR video

Dec 19 2019, 4:01 pm

We all know that travelling can sometimes be an anxious and stressful experience.

Whether its flight delays, quarrels with customer service representatives, or long layovers, there is enough going on to make anyone question why they left their house in the first place.


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However, one budget airline, JetBlue, has transformed the (sometimes) stressful associations with airlines into a way to calm anxiety.

The US airline released an ASMR video of noises from airports designed to ease the apprehensions that often come with travel, studying, sleeping, and more.

“Using airport sounds for relaxation? Unheard of β€” until now,” the description of the video reads.

The sounds don’t quite reflect the hustle and bustle of a typical airport, though; instead, the video features the toned-down noises of flight announcements and planes taking off as well as the clicks of a computer mouse, typing on a keyboard, and a pen writing on paper.

The gentle voice of a woman interjects throughout the video to instruct listeners to eat some snacks, close their eyes, and put their feet up as well as offering other positive affirmations regarding their travels and destinations.

“We get it. Travelling during the holidays is stressful. So here’s something to help you relax. Introducing AirSMR β€” a selection of calming airport sounds to help you chill, study, sleep, travel, and more,” JetBlue writes in the description of the video.

ASMR has become massively popular in recent years, with many digital personalities earning substantial amounts of money from creating and posting videos online.


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Short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, the purpose of ASMR is to evoke an exhilarated response, like a tingling feeling on the skin, brought on by the usage of particular sounds.

The video seems to have received an influx of positive comments.


Another wrote, “What a cool idea, thank you.”


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But not everyone is a massive fan of the concept.

One user said, “This is odd ASMR. Normally airports stress me out. Not sure how I feel about this lol. I feel I should be running around listening to this.”

While another commented, “Welcome to creepy AF. Enjoy your panic attack.”

Whatever your opinion, we can all agree that anything that has the potential to make your next trip to the airport less stressful is a win in our books.