6 good news stories from around the world to end your week

May 29 2020, 11:47 pm

Sometimes catching up on daily news can be a daunting task. With a multitude of fear-inducing headlines, it’s enough to make anyone feel discouraged.

While staying informed on both local and international news is necessary, it’s essential to remind ourselves that it’s not all bad in this world.

To assure you that all is not doom and gloom, we’ve rounded up a few good news stories from around the world that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Costa Rica becomes the first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage


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On May 26, Costa Rica became the first Central American country to legalize same-sex marriage. In 2018, Costa Rica’s constitutional court gave the country’s parliament 18 months to legislate, as it ruled that a ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional and discriminatory.

IKEA in Germany gives up parking lot for Muslims to perform Eid prayers safely

An IKEA in Wetzlar, Germany, opened its parking lot on Sunday to those needing a place to celebrate the end of Ramadan. According to Independent, 800 Muslims from a local mosque came out to hold their closing prayers while maintaining a minimum distance of 1.5 metres apart from one another.

Crayola unveils new “Colours of the World” crayons to help children learn about inclusivity


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Teaming up with Victor Casale, MOB Beauty’s co-founder and CEO, Crayola’s created 24 new specially formulated crayons that represent more than 40 global skin tones. With the Colours of the World crayons, Crayola hopes “to cultivate a more inclusive world for children of all ages, races, cultures, and ethnicities.”

A professor in the United States is helping lucky lab rats find homes

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Professor Rick Hein at the University of Green Bay has put 11 of his female lab rats up for adoption. The rats have been raised by Anatomy and Physiology students at the university and “are a particularly friendly and fun bunch.”

JK Rowling is releasing a new book chapter-by-chapter online


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First written over ten years ago as a bedtime story for her younger children, JK Rowling has decided to share The Ickabog online and for free, to help entertain those confined at home during the coronavirus lockdown. Chapters 1 to 10 are currently available online.

A police officer in the US rescues eight ducklings from a storm drain

Massachusetts State Trooper Jim Maloney came across some baby ducks who had fallen through the grate of a storm drain in a parking lot. Maloney called the Department of Conservation and Recreation and asked them to send someone with a crowbar. Eventually, the grate was pried open, and the ducklings were fished out of the drain with a net and placed at the edge of the brush where they were reunited with their mother and siblings.

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