5 good news stories from around the world to brighten your day

Apr 10 2020, 9:00 am

Sometimes catching up on daily news can be a daunting task; with a multitude of fear-inducing headlines, it’s enough to make anyone feel discouraged.

While staying informed on both local and international news is necessary, it’s essential to remind ourselves that it’s not all bad in this world.

To assure you that all is not doom and gloom, we’ve rounded up a few good news stories from around the world that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Baby penguins at the Georgia Aquarium swam for the first time


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They grow up so fast! A group of African penguin chicks at the Georgia Aquarium dipped their feet — and then their entire bodies — into the water for the first time, and the video footage is squeal-inducing cute. Don’t worry, their keeper-friends were close by to offer pets and encouragement as the chicks took this step towards maturity. The aquarium has also housed other adorable guests, including puppies and kittens from the Atlanta Humane Society.

A doctor is spreading joy through epic dance videos

Jason “Tik Tok Doc” Campbell, an anesthesia resident physician at Oregon Health & Science University, can still dance like nobody’s business even after hours of being on his feet, helping keep residents of Oregon stay safe and healthy. The video’s captions have key positive messaging, including the importance of maintaining physical distancing, treating each other with kindness, and, of course, dancing!

An artist is lending his skills to honour healthcare and essential workers


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Artist PholkGiant is applying his spectacular artistic talent to honour those who are keeping the world safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. His pieces highlight the brave and selfless healthcare workers who are dedicating their time and lives to keeping the world safe, as well as other essential workers, such as grocery clerks. He even did a piece for the previously mentioned Tik Tok Doc! These beautiful pieces of art bring out the inner beauty and sacrifice of those who dedicate themselves to helping others.

A UK grocery store is bringing easter eggs to homes with rainbows in the window

Yorkshire food retailer Morrisons in the UK is delivering Easter eggs to family homes that have rainbows in their windows. With schools being closed, children are connecting with each other and spreading joy by painting beautiful rainbow pictures and placing them in windows so that others can delightfully go “rainbow hunting” as they walk around the neighbourhood with their families. Morrison surprising these wonderful households with tasty Easter eggs makes it just that much sweeter.

This man couldn’t visit his wife while she underwent chemo, but that didn’t stop him from showing her support

Albert Conner is not able to visit his wife, Kelly, while she undergoes chemotherapy treatments because of hospital safety restrictions during the pandemic. However, his love knows no bounds, and he was determined to show his lady just how much he loves and cares for her by creating an adorable sign that reads, “I can’t be with you, but I’m here ❤️ you. Thank you to all staff!” He then set up a little spot right across from her room’s window so she could see. It is a simple but beautiful display of devotion and dedication that makes us all yearn to have a love like this. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

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