Fyre Fest 2.0 just happened in Europe and Twitter did not let it slide

Jul 3 2019, 4:30 pm

Europe just couldn’t let the Bahamas have all the Fyre Festival fun.

A similar disaster unravelled in Europe this weekend when the VestiVille music festival was cancelled. The event has since been dubbed Fyre 2.0.

Fyre Fest was arguably one of the most publicized music festival disasters in history. Scheduled to take place over two weekends in 2017 on the Bahamian island of Great Exuma, the event promised to be the world’s greatest “luxury music festival” until disaster struck on its inaugural weekend. Instead of luxury villas and gourmet meals worthy of the pricey tickets, attendees were put up in FEMA tents and fed packaged cheese sandwiches. 

Fyre Fest was postponed indefinitely and its organizer eventually charged with fraud. The shock and horror surrounding the festival were later captured in two documentaries, FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened by Netflix and Fyre Fraud by Hulu.

While many hoped Fyre was a one-off disaster, VestiVille has just put itself in the running for most epic festival fail.


VestiVille was supposed to be a three-day music festival taking place in Lommel, Belgium from June 28 to 30th. The allegedly “LIT” lineup included top industry names such as A$AP Rocky, Cardi B, Migos, Future, Meek Mill, and Ja Rule.

Attendees from all over the world paid hundreds of Euros for tickets and even more on flights and accommodations after being enticed by event teasers and promo videos.


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Unfortunately, festival goers arrived on opening day to discover that the whole event was cancelled. Outraged, they immediately took to Twitter.

What went wrong at VestiVille?

The entire festival was apparently cancelled after A$AP Rocky announced he would not perform due to “security and infrastructure concerns.” 

Digital Music News reports that the main stage was unfinished. The venue also lacked proper emergency exits and functioning medical stations, among other essential features.

A$AP Rocky released a statement on Twitter just before 5 pm on opening night to explain his reasons for backing out.

According to the festival’s Twitter and Facebook pages, it was Lommel mayor Bob Nijs who prevented the festival from starting.

Though the campsite remained open, there was allegedly no food or water for sale. On the ground, further chaos ensued due to a lack of communication, organization, and preparation.

Attendees were also allegedly “stranded” after finding out the event was cancelled due to a lack of organized transport.

Rather than leading a safe exit strategy, police forces who were waiting on premises with dogs allegedly caused crowds to panic and run.

Fyre 2.0?

Following the disaster, many couldn’t help but point out the similarities between VestiVille and 2017’s Fyre Festival. 

Just like Fyre, VestiVille sold luxury amenities that turned out to be… not so luxurious.

Another uncanny similarity is that rapper Ja Rule, a co-organizer of Fyre Fest, was featured on the VestiVille lineup.

People have also taken to Twitter with several other observations that may warrant deeper investigation.

The Aftermath of VestiVille

Many attendees are now seeking refunds, with no sign of success.

Meanwhile, others were solely focused on leaving the festival grounds.

While many festival goers walked away with nothing more than subpar merchandise, a lucky few managed to find the artists who actually turned up and performed on the weekend.

Think you can put on a better music festival? We know just the place. According to CNN, Saddleback Cay, the private island best known for its appearance in Fyre Festival promotion videos, is now for sale for US $11.8 million.

As for those who prefer to remain festival goers, be sure to do your research and proceed with caution.

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