Europe is dealing with its heatwave in the most European way possible (PHOTOS)

Jun 28 2019, 1:38 am

Europe is currently facing its most severe heatwave since 2003, which resulted in almost 15,000 heat-related deaths. With temperatures set to hit above 40Ā°C this week, Spanish meteorologist even posted a tweet that translates to “Hell is coming.”

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Most European homes are not equipped with air conditioning, so experts are urging people to take any measures possible to protect themselves. Relocate to air-conditioned rooms, useĀ sunscreen, stay hydrated, and keep out of the sun during the peak temperatures.

While these tips are all well and good, some are taking a very, well, European approach to beating the heat.

Topless sunbathing is very common on European beaches, but some locals evidently don’t see the need to limit nudity to the beach.

A man in Sauerland, Germany, fully derobed in the freezer section of a supermarket in Hemer, according to local outlet ZVW.

The report says that the man “undressed under the eyes of very stunned customers and only dressed again when a saleswoman was made aware of him.” He apparently fled from the supermarket — but not before grabbing a beer, and then a banana, on the way. Police are investigating over theft and exhibitionist charges.

Another man in Brandenburg, Germany, was caught by police biking completely nude — except for his sandals and helmet, of course. Because safety first.

His response, according to the tweet, translates to: “It’s warm out, eh?”

That’s one way to keep things breezy! Hope he was wearing sunscreen.

Others are flocking to any sources of water, such as these lineups for a pool in Berlin.

But why line up for a pool, when you can just take a dip in the public fountains?

From the Trevi Fountain in Rome to the Trocadero fountains in Paris, these water features are a charming staple of European cities. During the heatwave, they are a very inviting spot to dip your toes — or, you know, your whole body.

Stay cool, Europe!

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