Denmark is hosting physically-distanced outdoor concerts

May 13 2020, 11:18 am

As we continue to do the right thing by physical distancing, it is understandable to miss the simple pleasures that we would generally enjoy this time of year, such as venturing into nature, dining out at a nice restaurant, or going to outdoor concerts.

Luckily for those living in Denmark, organizers have come up with a creative solution for at least one of these quips. The country has introduced drive-in performances where patrons can listen to the show live, from their cars, via their FM radios.

The events are held at P Scenen, a “new cultural drive-in (where) the city meets for concerts, cinema, entertainment” located in the city of Aarhus. The initiative itself is a joint effort between three companies, Front of House, Steady and Nordic Rentals.

“In short, these are perfectly normal events, as we know it from before COVID-19,” P Scenen writes on its website. “It will take place live on stage, while you as the audience keep away from each other, by sitting in the cars.”

Tickets are purchased in advance online and are valid for one car holding a maximum of five people. The tickets are assigned to specific zones, similar to how venues sell tickets for individual sections of a concert hall or arena, and designated guards will guide the vehicles to their appropriate locations.


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Once they arrive in their designated area, audience members will be told which FM frequency to tune into to hear the show.

The venue opens 90 minutes before the shows and events start and last approximately 60-75 minutes. When the performance concludes, space is cleared as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you are thinking of bringing snacks or drinks or wish to purchase them at the entrance of the facility, approach with caution, there are no bathrooms once you arrive at the square.

“It is basically NOT possible to get to the toilet once you have entered the square, so remember to empty the bladder before driving home,” the venue warns.

As well, since it is a physical distancing event, patrons may not open the doors of their vehicles and must stay inside for the duration of the event. Likewise, the engine of the car must be turned off after parking and can’t be switched back on until you leave.

“The parking guards have the right to expel those who do not comply with the above,” the site continues.


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Attendees are advised to bring warm clothing and blankets since engines must be turned off and the venue can get cold. Additionally, if drivers are able, the venue requests they bring booster cables to assist vehicles who are not able to have their radios on for more than an hour and a half.

Finally, audience members are reminded to be patient as this event format is still new to organizers and volunteers, and there may still be kinks that need to be worked out.

While the world is currently in a state of limbo between still having certain restrictions in place and beginning to lift various measures, temporary solutions such as these provide people with a fun and creative outlet to enjoy as things slowly return to normal.

For more information regarding these events or a scheduled list of upcoming shows, visit the P Scenen website.

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