This Canadian couple is sailing around the world and these are the most epic things they have seen (VIDEOS)

Jan 1 2019, 1:00 am

New Year’s resolution: be this couple.

BC-based couple Ben Brehmer and Ashley Stobbart have ditched the 9-5 to live a life many of us only dare to dream of: travelling the world by boat.

After losing Ashley’s father to cancer in 2008, the couple came to the very real realization that growing old is not a given, and life needs to be lived now.

So they worked their butts off and saved up for seven years, and finally purchased a 41-foot catamaran and set out on the open seas from Florida, heading down to the Caribbean.

Over the past three years, they have visited a whopping 27 countries (and counting!), and thanks to a crowdfund campaign on Patreon they have no intention of docking for good anytime soon.

They have been documenting their experience on their Youtube channelĀ Sailing Nahoa, as well as Ashley’sĀ Instagram page. Their experiences, cinematography, and genuine curiosity and appreciation for the world is enough to inspire anyone to embark on a global journey of their own.

From coming face-to-face with cannibalism to a shark attack in Vanuatu, the things Ben and Ashley have seen along their journey have been nothing short of incredible.

Here are some epic experiences you can really only find on a sailing trip around the world.

Explore a remote turtle breeding island in Fiji

Witness a shark attack


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Visit the descendants of cannibals

See the blue-footed boobies of the Galapagos Islands


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Scuba dive through an underwater shipwreck

Visit remote tribes and experience traditional ceremonies from other cultures


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Discover a giant abandoned yacht in central Vanuatu

Check out Sailing NahoaĀ for more awesome footage, and in the words of Ben and Ashley: Live your dream. Be bold. Defy the norm.

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