5 hacks to get to your next travel destination faster

Mar 10 2020, 6:01 pm

Travel is truly one of life’s greatest joys, but also one of the biggest expenses for many Canadians.

And while dining at hole-in-the-wall restaurants or wandering cobblestone streets late at night are worth the time spent saving and planning, sometimes you just need to take a vacation like now.

Don’t wait until next year to take that trip you’ve been dreaming of — you can make your travel dreams come true sooner than you think by signing up for the AIR MILES Reward Program today. Trust us, it’s faster than you think, but you do need a little strategy (like saving for anything in life) — which is what we’re here for.

Whether picking up groceries or your next bottle of wine, start getting Miles on purchases you were already making and use them towards your next getaway. With these helpful travel hacks, you’ll be sipping an Aperol Spritz on a patio in the Cinque Terre before you can say, “round-trip ticket, please!”

Earn Miles while you shop online

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Getting Miles for travelling has truly never been easier. With over 225 participating online retailers on airmilesshops.ca, there are so many ways to get more Miles while doing your regular online shopping. Buying a book from Indigo? Get Miles! Need a new blender? That also comes with Miles.

From Apple, to Amazon, Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Indigo, and more, there are tons of participating online retailers, meaning your everyday purchases get you closer to “out of office” mode. Just log in to airmilesshops.ca with the number on your AIR MILES Collector Card and browse the hundreds of online retailers for the item you’re looking for. Then, complete your purchase to get 1 Mile for every $20 you spend (before taxes and shipping). It’s that simple.

Don’t forget to look for multiplier icons (like 2X Miles or 5X Miles) for exclusive offers at specific online retailers or even sitewide multiplier events, which apply to purchases at all online stores and can be stacked with individual store offers for even more Miles.

Take advantage of major promotions

Speaking of shopping, be sure to regularly check in on which promotions and opportunities are being offered. There are always ways for Collectors to get additional Bonus Miles, so stay up to date on current offers by signing up for email notifications. Plus, signing up automatically gets you 25 Bonus Miles.

In terms of the major promotions, Bonus Booms happen at various times throughout the year, with one coming up in spring. Mega Miles — which returns this March — will get you major Bonus Miles by using exciting offers at participating Partners.

“Double Dip” to get double the Miles


Take advantage of the Program and get even more Miles by using an AIR MILES co-branded credit card and double-dipping with your Collector Card. You use your credit card to get Miles on everyday shopping from refilling your gas at Shell to buying your groceries from Sobeys or Metro, so why not maximize your travel potential at the same time?

Signing up for an AIR MILES credit card could get you up to 3,000 Bonus Miles to start, plus with some credit cards you can get 1 Mile on every $10 spent. Using both your AIR MILES co-branded credit card and your AIR MILES Collector Card will get you even more Miles than if you just used one or the other when shopping at Partner locations, which means you’ll spend less time collecting and more time vacationing.

Download the AIR MILES mobile app

Don’t miss out on potential offers by downloading the AIR MILES mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android. Use the app to easily access Bonus Offers from your favourite Partners, access your Collector number in case you leave your Collector Card at home, and track your progress towards your next big trip. Satisfying your wanderlust has never been so easy.

Save money while seeing the world

Seeking adventure/Unsplash

Don’t just save money before your trip — save while you’re there, too. You can save big time by leveraging your Miles for flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, or cruises. Use your accumulated Miles from everyday purchases and go on that well-deserved vacation, with all the bells and whistles.

Already planning your next great adventure? Get there faster by planning ahead, shopping smart, and using the AIR MILES Rewards Program. Learn more by visiting their website or by following AIR MILES on Instagram or Facebook.

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