University of Calgary bans cannabis use, sales on campus

Sep 26 2018, 3:29 am

Any University of Calgary students eagerly awaiting legalization on October 17 will have to find somewhere other than their school to legally use cannabis.

U of C recently released their newly-created Cannabis Policy, a five-page document that lays out the rules that will surround the use, storage, and cultivation of the drug in and around campus facilities.

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According to the policy, which will come into effect the same day as legalization, the use and sale of cannabis will be prohibited in or on university facilities, or in University vehicles.

Cannabis plants will not be allowed to be grown at the university, including in residences like dorm rooms.

Much of the policy stems from the City of Calgary Cannabis Consumption bylaw, which prohibits the use of cannabis in public spaces.

There are a few exceptions included in the U of C Cannabis Policy, however. One exception is the use of cannabis for medical purposes, wherein the student will need to discuss their usage needs with Student Accessibility Services, and employees will need to contact Human resources or Staff Wellness to be eligible for the exception.

It is also noted that the policy does not apply to cannabis that is used or grown in U of C laboratories for research and teaching purposes.

Having the drug on you will not be a breach of the new policy, however, as carrying cannabis or cannabis related accessories is allowed as long as they are stored in sealed, scent-proof containers.

The university will also be implementing a harm reduction strategy alongside the new Cannabis Policy with the aim of providing resources for students in need.

“We know that telling people not to consume cannabis or alcohol has been proven to be ineffective,” said Debbie Bruckner, senior director of student wellness at U of C, in the release.

“Rather we want to promote harm reduction, by building a safe and supportive community and offering a variety of support and resources so people will feel comfortable enough to access them.”

Students will be able to access physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers, and health promotion workers at the Student Union Wellness Centre, along with a harm reduction support advisor who will specialize in concerns relating to substance use.

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