Trailer Park Boys enter the legal weed game

May 17 2018, 2:10 am

Organigram entered the medical cannabis game in 2013 as one of the first Licensed Producers (LP).

Having served medical cannabis patients, the company is branching out with a suite of recreational cannabis brands slated to launch after legalization.

The New Brunswick-based company is a taking a “house of brands approach,” Ray Gracewood, CCO of Organigram told Daily Hive over the phone.

Organigram will continue to serve the medicinal market, and parent three other brands. And yes, one of them pays homage to the Canadian reincarnation of the Three Stooges.

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Trailer Park Buds

Organigram announced their partnership withĀ theĀ Trailer Park Boys in 2016, and have since developed Trailer Park Buds, which will be availableĀ at federally-licensed retail establishments across Canada after legalization.

The brand is targeted to “consumers who appreciate a sense of humour and donā€™t take themselves too seriously,” as stated on the Organigram website. The line will offer quality cannabis products, like pre-rolled joints, to consumers.

Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Buds (Organigram)

Branding is obviously a major part of the appeal of Trailer Park Buds, but Health Canada has proposed heavy limitations on branded packaging.

Gracewood said that “packaging is a critical element of the brand mix but certainly isn’t the only element. There are others ways for us to bring a brand to life outside of packaging.”

ANKR Organics & The Edison Cannabis Company

ANKR Organics “hankers back to our beginnings which was in organic production. Since that time we kind of figured that organics is a very niche market; it needs to be a part of our business but not our entire business. We do think that there is a great opportunity to create a product that speaks to the cannabis consumer who appreciates the process that goes into the product,” said Gracewood.

The Edison Cannabis Company is “targeted towards the mid-use and highly experienced markets.” The Edison reserve line is hand manicured, “represents the company’s top flower, and goes through a unique craft curing process.”

Organigram is fully funded for a production capability 113,000 kg of product by 2020.

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