A new law in Quebec is banning the sale of products that show a cannabis leaf

Sep 17 2018, 9:13 pm

On October 17, recreational marijuana and products will be legal and sold in government-run stores but regular retailers won’t be allowed to promote the cannabis leaf on their own products.

According to Quebec’s Cannabis Regulation Act, anything that has the cannabis leaf on it, whether it’s clothing, decor or accessories, cannot be sold in regular retail stores.

Smoking accessory stores in Quebec will have to follow strict guidelines for the sale of cannabis-related products.

“No name, logo, distinguishing guise, design, image or slogan that is not directly associated with cannabis, a brand of cannabis, the SQDC or a cannabis producer may be used on a facility, vehicle, poster or an object that is not cannabis but that could imply an indirect link,” reads the Cannabis Regulation Act. “In Québec, it will not be permitted, for example, to sell t-shirts with the printed picture of a cannabis leaf.”

Once cannabis becomes legal, all marijuana-related stores will have to remove leaf-decorated containers, posters, lighters, clothing, and board games from their inventory.

Quebec’s Health Ministry says they will be enforcing the regulations by using 31 government-run inspectors.

Retailers who fail to abide by the updated rules could face hefty fines from $5,000 to $62,500 depending on what and how many items are infringed. Those amounts could be doubled upon repeat offences.

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