Canada just got its 'first openly cannabis friendly' resort

Jun 11 2019, 2:26 am

The Haliburton Highlands just got a whole new meaning.

According to a release, the area now houses Canada’s ‘first openly cannabis friendly resort’—Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa.

Seated on the edge of Eagle Lake, just north of Haliburton, Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa is a year-round cottage country destination, offering everything from kayaking and sailing in the summer to downhill skiing and dogsledding in the winter. And now, it also offers designated areas for consuming cannabis.

The announcement comes as per a new collaboration between the resort and Cannabis Hotels, an organization dedicated to promoting cannabis-friendly tourism. Sir Sam’s Inn & Spa is now the only Canadian listing on the organization’s website of North American hotels that boast the classification of being “cannabis-friendly.”

“Sir Sam’s Inn and Spa is taking a leadership role in developing Ontario as a premium Cannabis Tourism destination, which will open opportunities for others across the province and build Canada’s brand internationally,” said Wendy Forwell, founder and CEO of Cannabis Hotels, in a statement.

This year is the resort’s 100th anniversary, but it is the first in Ontario to get with the times and adapt to the ever-growing Canadian cannabis market. Jon Massey, the resort’s director of business development, said that the move to cannabis-friendliness is a step towards further inclusivity for guests.

“It’s important to be proactive in our industry to ensure an inclusive experience for all guests staying with us, whether they are using cannabis or not,” he said, in the statement.

But this branding doesn’t mean you can smoke everywhere on the grounds. While the resort does not permit smoking or vaping in the suites, guests have access to designated balconies overlooking the lake “with smoking/vaping privileges” and other designated areas partaking in the devil’s lettuce.

According to the release, particularly with infused edibles, drinks, and oils expected to be legalized in the fall, the resort is not expecting any disturbance to other guests.

You can view the listing on Cannabis Hotel’s website here.

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