This provincial police service's message on eve of legalization is SO Canadian

Oct 18 2018, 2:33 pm

October 17 marked legalization day in Canada.

From coast to coast, Canadians celebrated all things cannabis, and the nation’s legal sales of the plant skyrocketed.

And like most police departments, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary had a message for its residents.

But their message, while simple, was so Canadian, that it’s been shared almost 7,000 times on Facebook, and is trending on Reddit Canada.

“If #cannabis is on your agenda for later, may we suggest buying some snacks BEFORE consumption so you don’t need to track down a Designated Driver for a munchie run at 2 am,” they said.

“If you’re planning on enjoying some (LEGAL) plant based products *cough cough* tonight at the stroke of midnight, please do so responsibly and don’t drive high! Weed will be legal forever as of 12:01 am so pace yourselves & respect the rules.

#DontDriveHigh #Chips #Munchies #Cookies.”

That last hashtag is probably the best part.

And Canadians are loving their light-hearted message.

“I personally love it that you’re not being strict and uptight about this,” wrote a social media user. “Love that you’re having a little fun with it. Everyone has their way of having a good time. Sometimes people just need a little help relaxing. Whether you have a beer, glass of wine, smoke a joint or have a cup of green tea. Cheers everyone!”

Another Facebook comment said, “Sounds like they were high when they decided to make this status.”

Either way, this is one of those “only in Canada” moments, for sure.

Only in Canada from r/canada

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