The least expensive weed you can buy from the government online

Oct 22 2018, 10:22 pm

The federal legalization of cannabis is now a week behind us, yet product shortages and massive lineups at some brick-and-mortar stores persist.

Canadians queued up online to place orders just past midnight on October 17, vying to be one of the first to make a historic purchase.

How much is your province charging for cannabis? Here’s a breakdown of the least expensive weed you can buy online from government-run stores.

Provinces not listed, do not have online sales.

least expensive weed


Maricann’s Northern Harvest Strawberry Ice is this province’s least expensive bud, ringing it at $9.24 per gram. This price includes tax but it’s an extra $9.95 for shipping.

Total with taxes and shipping: $19.19

British Columbia

Aphria’s brand Solei has a few options on the lower price point, such as Renew, which costs $6.99 per gram. However, this price does not include tax or shipping. With a flat rate of $10, do yourself a favour and stock up with each order, or head to the Kamloops store.

Total with taxes and shipping: $18.04

New Brunswick

CannTrust’s Liiv offers the least expensive gram with Kinky Kush at $8.99, including 15% HST. However, you have to tack on another $7 for shipping.

Total with taxes and shipping: $15.99

Newfoundland & Labrador

Although it’s not yet available, Eve & Co. offers the cheapest gram at $6.89, not including tax and shipping. Suppliers are responsible for processing, order fulfillment, and shipping so the rates vary. For this particular brand, shipping starts at $12.99.

Total with taxes and shipping: $20.91

Nova Scotia

Yes, you can buy weed online from a government store, but you first have to get an access code by going to a physical retail store and showing proof of age.

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation did not return a request for a price list at the time of publication.


Taxes in, a gram of Redecan’s BEC costs $8.40, making it the least expensive nug you can by from the Ontario Cannabis Store. Add a $5 flat fee for shipping.

Total with taxes and shipping: $13.40

Prince Edward Island

FIGR NO. 17 – Artisan costs $7.83 per gram.  Add $7 for shipping, plus tax on the total amount.

Total with taxes and shipping: $17.05


Solei’s Harmoniser (currently out of stock at all quantities) is the SQDC’s least expensive gram at $8.50, not including tax and shipping.

Total with taxes and shipping: $14.78


Solei makes the list again, this time with Alien Dawg at $10.09 per gram including tax but not shipping. Currently, the only option is $12 for an expedited parcel through Canada Post.

Total with taxes and shipping: $22.09

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