Kevin's Corner: Everything you need to know about Green Crack

Aug 2 2018, 11:42 pm

Kevin is the head of quality control at Cannabismo. He has been a cannabis enthusiast for most of his life and a professional in the industry for over two years. Kevin is always looking for that perfect strain to share with fellow tokers.

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Green Crack is for the sativa lovers out there. The name may seem like you’re in for a wild ride, but this strain is great for a daytime high.

A cross of Skunk #1 with a hint of Afhgani that traces back to Athens, Georgia in the 1970s, Green Skunk has a THC range of 13 to 21% and 0.01% CBD.

Buds should be dense with pale greens leaves, sometimes with a hint of yellow. Also look for streaks of purple and a heavy coating of milky-white trichomes (they give the bud that crystal-y look).

Green Crack

Green Crack is a smooth-hitting sativa (Image: Cannabismo)

Green Crack is citrus-smelling with a hint of earthiness. It tastes sweet and woody with a spicy aftertaste. It’s a very smooth smoke and easy on the throat (a great option for those who like bongs).

Expect a strong, buzzy high that while have you feeling energetic, happy, and focused.

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