This Canadian city will fine you $2000 for smoking cannabis on public property

Jul 19 2018, 9:45 pm

The Halifax Regional Council have voted in favour of a new bylaw that will restrict all smoking — including cannabis — on municipal property.

Council voted 13 to 3 in favour of the Respecting Nuiansces Bylaw. The bylaw prohibits smoking on the following municipal properties:

  • Provincial parks
  • Provincial beaches
  • Within 20 metres of playgrounds
  • Withing 20 metres of sport and recreation events or venues
  • Within 9 metres of public trails
  • In provincial parks and beaches

The ban applies to cigarettes, cannabis, and vaping. The bylaw proposal states that the legalization will create “nuisances” from the odour of smoking and growing cannabis.

“Cannabis smoke has many of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke, therefore the second-hand smoke from cannabis will have the same negative health implications as second-hand tobacco smoke,” says the draft bylaw.

“Health officials also identify that a ban on smoking will help prevent the normalization of cannabis use in children and youth”

The draft bylaw suggests fines between $25 to $2000 for those who do not comply with the ban.

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