INFOGRAPHIC: Canadians who would get high with dad

Jun 13 2018, 9:35 pm

With legalization on the horizon and Father’s Day around the corner, Lift & Co. wanted to find out how Canadians feel about consuming cannabis with their dads once the recreational market opens.

1574 randomly selected Canadian adults were polled in June, 14% of whom said they would consider getting high with their fathers. A similar Mother’s Day survey also showed 14% of Canadians saying “yes” to going green with mom.

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Province breakdown

Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the most likely to toke up, coming in at 25% and 23% respectively.

With only 7% saying “yes”, Quebec is the least likely to get high with their dads, followed by British Columbia with 14%.

Gender breakdown

Men responded slightly more positively than women, with 17% saying “yes” versus 12% respectively.

Age breakdown

Not surprisingly, Millennials are the most likely to get high with their dads, with 24% responding “yes.” 14% of Gen Xers were into the idea and only 6% of Baby Boomers responding positively.

Other findings

In a separate study, 60% of 1000 medical cannabis users said they would get high with their fathers.

Perhaps an intimate understanding of the therapeutic effects of cannabis made respondents more comfortable in sharing the plant with their parents.

Father's Day

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