This new cannabis app has a loyalty engagement program

Jul 4 2018, 2:10 am

Shawn Moniz, CEO and co-founder of Cannvas MedTech Inc., a business technology company focusing on the legal cannabis space, is hoping to help patients and health care practitioners worldwide.

“Cannvas evolved from a need and ability to use technology and data to disrupt the status quo and become game changers in today’s global markets,” the company stated in a press release earlier today.

The platform is patient-centric and education-focused, catering to both the medical and recreational cannabis markets. By gathering unbiased data that is backed by physicians, research, and consumers, Moniz wants to end cannabis stigma and encourage people to have informed conversations with their doctors.

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Breaking the stigma

“Medical cannabis has emerged to become an important economic and healthcare issue with a significant potential to improve the health and wellness of patients worldwide. Our first offering is a scalable, patient-centric life sciences learning platform for the cannabis space. From patients and consumers to medical practitioner and licensed producers, our platform will allow for global interaction and define the future face of cannabis education,” said Moniz in a press release.

“My dad has had rheumatoid arthritis for about 15 years,” Moniz told Daily Hive over the phone. “He grew up in a time where marijuana was a gateway drug. ‘Stay away from it. It’s bad.'”

“If you’re like my father and you’re starting with a big stigma, this platform gets you education first.”

Loyalty engagement

Cannvas promotes cannabis education with a loyalty engagement program.

“Users will be encouraged to engage with our platform through a loyalty system that earns them points as they learn, coined as our “Learn and Earn” rewards system,” said Moniz.

“These points will be redeemed for lifestyle rewards such as gas cards and grocery cards, instead of discounts on purchasing cannabis product. We felt it was critical to maintain our non-bias approach and not lead consumers to save on cannabis purchases the more they engage. If our users learn, then our educational mandate is achieved.”

Customization with AI technology

One of Cannvas’s unique features is its use of AI to create a customized user experience.

“We built an education platform that is scalable around the world. We’re in Europe, Australia, and North America,” said Moniz.

Cannvas uses geofilters to identify a user’s location and make recommendations based on the area he or she is in. It can direct users to legal dispensaries and provide information about legally available products, while also letting people know if they are in an area where cannabis is prohibited.

Users of the platform can also seek out testimonials from people who suffer similar symptoms to help determine beneficial strains and delivery methods, making it a valuable resource for patients, physicians, are caregivers

Data collection

Cannvas is a free platform for end users; monetization comes from partnerships with governments and clinics.

Anonymized data is collected and categorized based on user trends in an effort to help guide policy making and patient care.

“We are looking at how and why people are using cannabis, then sharing that information with the government to help create targeted educational programs,” said Moniz.

Moniz stressed that the data processed is clinical and user generated, and does not receive funding from licensed producers or other entities that can influence the data.

“If we can create something that will educate the end user, then we want to be that non-biased, trusted source and you can only do that by being independent,” said Moniz.

Cannvas MedTech is now listed on The Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the ticker symbol “MTEC” to “gain access capital to grow our business and continue our journey toward becoming a leading business technology company within the cannabis space,” said Moniz.

Cannvas is expected to launch in Canada this summer.

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