A Grow guide to planning the ultimate Canada Day smoke sesh

Jun 28 2018, 7:42 pm

Although many Canadians were expecting to spend July 1 lighting up legally for the first time, it looks like they’ll have to wait til next year to have a cannabis-filled Canada Day on the level.

While legalization implementation only comes into effect on October 17, Canadians have never been a people to let pesky legislation get in the way of a good time. So if you’re planning on celebrating a greener long weekend, check out a few of Grow’s suggestions for spending Canada Day the right way.

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Oh, Cannabis

It’s a scientific(ish) fact that Canada has the best weed; it just does. So to paraphrase a convenience store clerk from an episode of The Simpsons when it was still good, “Celebrate the independence of your country by lighting up a small part of it!” If you were planning on having a weed-filled weekend, make sure you’re consuming Canadian, which also comes with the bonus of being smug about “consuming local,” the way people are about wine or eggs. Potriotism!

Don’t go outside

Yes, this is an option in virtually every holiday guide from Grow. But that is because it’s the best option, and snubbing it would be downright irresponsible – if not criminal. Early July tends to be swampy and sunscreen is oily, but furthermore—to re-iterate—it is not legal to smoke weed outside yet (and in some provinces, you may not be allowed to smoke outside at all, even after October 17). Save yourself the hassle of sunburn, dehydration, discomfort, and trying to find a lawyer on a long weekend by stocking up on supplies and spending the weekend in smoky, air-conditioned splendour. You won’t regret it.

DIY rooftop pool

You’ll need a kiddie pool, an umbrella, a water source, a total lack of shame and some fruity drinks with umbrellas in them (or Canadian flags, if you’re feeling festive). If you prefer the beach to the pool, fill the basin with sand instead of water. Be sure to keep some extra drinks and whatever on-hand for potential encounters with neighbours who are weirded out by your activities (aka bribes for people who can’t handle your realness).

Try not to ash in the water!

Clean your AC grill

Seriously though. Have a window, wall or freestanding air conditioning unit? If you live in the city the grill inside those things gets filthy fast—and if left that way, your unit can be destroyed and summer is ruined (or super expensive).

Friends, it is important to note that this is a boring and tedious task and the ONLY way to do this is stoned. So, if you’re a little high but feeling productive, this is the activity for you (and your future-self will thank you). Check your manual to ensure you’re doing it right and be sure to unplug that shit before you get your handyman on.

Happy Canada Day!

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