Fair trade cannabis-infused chocolate is coming to Canada

Feb 3 2020, 6:30 pm

There are few indulgences as universally beloved as chocolate. From cakes to bars, this dark treat is without equal when it comes to satisfying flavour and a touch of decadence.

Canada has taken things a step further by allowing cannabis-infused snacks, including chocolate, to enter the market.

Supply has been an issue, and while this shortage will eventually pass, one Canadian licensed producer is looking to bring its own fair trade version of the inebriating dessert to shelves.

Indiva, a cannabis producer based in London, Ontario, revealed on Monday that it has been awarded an edibles, extracts, and topicals sales licence from Health Canada, according to a release.

The company will be bringing Bhang, an infused-focused producer and member of the Indiva family, to Canada. Bhang already sells oils, topicals, gummies, fair trade chocolate, and more in select legal US markets. The American line of products offers a litany of chocolate flavours at a variety of doses.


Of course, this being Canada, no single bar will be able to exceed 10 mg of THC, as per Health Canada rules. In the US, some products are dosed as high as 240 mg (a very high dose).

“This sales licence is transformational for Indiva as it allows us to enter new markets and product categories and distribute products nationally,” said Niel Marotta, Indiva’s president and chief executive officer, in a statement. “We believe that delivering Canadians truly exceptional and innovative products is our calling and through that passionate pursuit, we can normalize cannabis use.”

According to the release, Indiva intends to “immediately ship products to provincial wholesalers including Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.”

The full range of products available is not yet known, but the company said that the first edible will be Bhang Milk and Dark Chocolate bars, followed by CBD-infused bars later this year.

“There are millions of Canadians who would like to consume cannabis, but prefer to avoid smoking,” said Marotta.

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