This vape pen company is lobbying the government to make extracts legal

Sep 14 2018, 1:18 am

Canada is just over a month away from legalizing cannabis but not all forms of the plant will be available come October 17.

The black and grey markets currently offer a wide array of products like edibles, tinctures, topicals, and concentrates that can be used in vape pens, none of which can be legally purchased this fall.

dosist, a vape pen company that is currently seeing success in California, has been actively lobbying the government to include concentrates in the Cannabis Act.

The Liberals have stated that they will be adapting the legislation to include edibles and concentrates within a year of Bill C-45 coming into force, but dosist is pushing for it to happen sooner than later.

“Many Canadians don’t realize that concentrates and vaporizers are not included in the current C-45 bill. dosist has launched an advocacy campaign urging the Canadian government to swiftly legalize and regulate cannabis concentrates and vaporizers to ensure consumers have access to proper and consistent dosage,”  Josh Campbell, President of dosist told Daily Hive via email.

The company launched a national campaign called “Not Available in Canada” which includes educational events, billboards, and social media plays to bring attention to the issue.

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The “Not available in Canada” campaign is popping up across the country.

“By not legalizing concentrates and vaporizers in the current passing of Bill C-45, the government is denying consumers a safe and reliable experience,” said Campbell.

“We applaud the government’s progressive position and are excited for the future. However, we’re limiting access to one of the most important tools for a therapeutic experience with cannabis – dose.”

“The dose pen… is designed specifically to deliver a precise 2.25 mg dosage of our formulas ensuring a reliable, safe and consistent experience each and every time. This is guaranteed through three key features: optimized temperature control, controlled airflow and time control —even vibrating when you have taken a full dose.”

As part of their campaign, the company has created a call to action rallying Canadians to email their MPs. The pre-written letter can be accessed here.

They’re also running a cannabis-based wellness platform in Toronto until September 16 at King West and Spadina.

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