Opinion: It’s time to pay homage to the cannabis pioneers who helped get us to legalization

Oct 17 2018, 8:32 am

 Written by Jeff Smith, Community Manager of Primo, an accessory brand focused on producing limited edition leather products. Sourcing highest-grade materials around the world, they look to collaborate with like-minded people, creating timeless pieces that pay tribute to the past and bring awareness to authentic leaders today.

With cannabis legalization here in Canada, it’s time to ask whether or not this monumental event is supporting its true pioneers.

As we progress into what many are calling the new era of cannabis, we, as users, need to support those who created our culture and helped usher us into this pivotal time in history. Such as those who made the “BC Bud” industry what it is today, and didn’t give up the fight no matter what the outcome would be.

Respecting the product and culture

The cannabis bandwagon is now full of people who were critics a very short time ago. All we see dominating headlines are stories of the square footage of growing facilities, company valuation, and the CEO and Board’s proud corporate past, but there’s very little talk about the real faces of the industry.

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At Primo, we don’t think of cannabis as a commodity. It’s one of the oldest cultivated crops on the planet, and requires expertise, time, and respect to develop high standards.

So we need to take a different approach and pay homage to those who established the industry and kept it running, when all odds were against them.

As consumers today we understand that the dollars we spend should support the communities we appreciate, and that new luxury comes in small batches.

As we embark on this new journey across the country, let’s remember where things started. It wasn’t an easy path, but thanks to the work of many, the future looks much better than it did yesterday.

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