Serengeti BBQ: Authentic African restaurant just opened in Edmonton

May 11 2022, 4:26 pm

Serengeti BBQ, an East African restaurant specializing in barbecue, just opened in Edmonton.

This new concept opened right on the popular Alberta Avenue, at 8815 118th Avenue.

Serving up specialties like tilapia, fried cassava, samosas, and more, this is a unique and exciting addition to the YEG dining scene.

Dishes on the menu are categorized simply into starters, mains, and sides.

Starters include traditional favourites like stews, grilled bananas, skewers, and Swahili samosas stuffed with seasoned beef, onions, and cilantro.

There are plenty of sides available, including cassava fries, beans, vegetables, and many different kinds of rice. We recommend trying the Pilau seasoned rice or the Ugali, a cornmeal mash.

As for the main dishes, the platters of food are where it’s at.

Beef Swahili Ribs, whole-fried fish, goat stews, and more are all incredible, but the platters give diners the chance to try a little bit of everything.

The Zanzibar Platter, the signature dish here, comes with whole fish, half chicken, half Swahili ribs, two brochettes, and a choice of cassava fries.

If you love BBQ, and are curious or craving the flavours of East Africa, check this new place out right away.

Serengeti BBQ

Address: 8815 118th Avenue NW, Edmonton


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