Edmonton International Airport unveils new security screening centre

Nov 28 2019, 12:10 am

Edmonton International Airport unveiled a new security screening centre on Wednesday to streamline security and make the process smoother for travellers.

EIA renovated its central security screening area for domestic and international travellers by installing CATSA Plus, a screening system that enhances security effectiveness while providing a more pleasant travel experience.

The pre-screening area is now much larger and has some added features to improve the overall experience and ease the stress of the travel process.

Some of the features of the improved area include private search rooms, additional queue space, upgraded disposal stations for liquids, aerosols, and gels, which are now inside the screening area to allow passengers to dispose of liquids more quickly, more sanitary plumbing systems, and much more.

CATSA Plus uses motorized rollers, bin tracking, and diverters to continually move items through the screening line to make things more convenient for travellers.

It also includes a centralized X-ray image processing system, parallel divest stations to allow up to four passengers to place their belongings in the bins at the same time, and a larger repack area, so you can repack your belongings with less pressure.

Happy travels, Edmonton!

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