6 things that will cost you more in Edmonton this month

Apr 3 2023, 3:00 pm

The cost of living is on everyone’s mind these days, and many more price hikes are set to hit Edmontonians in April.

Due to the start of a new fiscal year, quite a few taxes and fees are changing, which is not great news for anyone already struggling to keep up with inflation.

Here are six things that will cost you more in the City of Edmonton as of this month.

Waste services

Per the City of Edmonton’s 2023 budget, residents will pay an extra 43 cents per month for household curbside collection and 28 cents more for homes with communal collection, such as condo buildings.

Carbon price

Gas is more than 60 cents cheaper per litre in Edmonton compared to Vancouver

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It’ll cost you slightly more to fill up your gas tank this month. As of April 1, the federal minimum carbon pollution price has increased from $50 per tonne to $65. That will work out to an extra 2.2 cents per litre of gas, according to Global News.

Property tax

Homeowners will foot a higher property tax bill beginning in April. City Council approved a 4.96% property tax increase; according to its math, households can expect to pay $725 for every $100,000 of assessed home value, which is about a $34 increase over last year.

Alcohol tax

A 6.3% liquor excise tax increase is hitting Canadians next month

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Edmontonians are set to pay slightly more for beer, wine, and other alcohol starting April 1, as the federal government’s annual excise tax adjustment kicks in. This year, because inflation has been so high, the federal excise tax on alcohol is increasing by 6.3%.

Picnic sites

You’ll be paying slightly more for your picnic sites in the city this year as fees increase in April. Non-canopied sites will now cost $30.50 per hour, and canopied sites will cost $39.75.

City of Edmonton

Rental fees

Arenas, tennis courts, and sports fields will cost more to rent beginning in April. Fees for prime winter ice time at arenas will rise from $316 to $322. Athletic field rental fees will increase from $147 to $150 per hour at Clarke Field and will rise from $105 to $107 at other fields.

City of Edmonton

City of Edmonton

Thankfully, there will be no increases in admission fees for any recreation facilities.

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