"I got no grudge": Kolesar downplays rematch against Oilers' Kane

May 8 2023, 10:16 pm

Vegas Golden Knights forward Keegan Kolesar was calm, cool, and collected when asked by reporters this morning about facing Evander Kane again. Kolesar got into it with Kane on Saturday, late in the second period of the Oilers’ Game 2 victory.

Kane delivered multiple body blows to Kolesar as the pair grappled.

The Oilers winger was blunt when asked about it post-game.

“You don’t see a lot of guys getting jumped from behind and headlocked,” Kane told reporters in Las Vegas on Saturday. “When you want to f*ck around, sometimes you gotta find out. We get up 5-0 and we know they’re going to try and run around and cause sh*t. Get involved in the game somehow. I thought we did a great job answering there.”

When asked how the altercation will affect things today, Kolesar downplayed it.

“It’s the playoffs. I got no grudge. What am I going to go do there? Jump him? Take a five [minute penalty], put us down? It’s not what I want to do.”

Kane, for his part, was downplaying it too.

“The game was 5-0, they were trying to do some message sending or whatever it was they were trying to do,” Kane told reporters after this morning skate today. “Tonight the puck drops at 0-0 and we’ll see how the game progresses.”

You don’t often see teams looking for retribution in the playoffs, that is, unless the game gets out of hand like it did in Game 2.

But clearly, there are bigger things to play for, with the series tied 1-1 heading into Game 3.

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